New features for FX6: Also…

Sony announces a new firmware update (Version 2.00) for its full-format cinema camera FX6, which belongs to the Cinema Line series of film cameras. The update, expected to be available for download at the end of January, includes real-time tracking using artificial intelligence, a long-awaited feature that enables highly accurate autofocus while tracking a subject.

The real-time tracking system uses real-time color, pattern (brightness) and distance (depth) data, and AI detects and tracks eye and face movement, further contributing to exceptional focus accuracy.

Sony has prepared a firmware update, which includes new technologies, based on user feedback, which will make it easier to create premium creative content with the new features.

In addition to the aforementioned real-time tracking feature, the update also provides breathing effect compensation[i], ensuring consistent angle of view while focusing, and a new way to adjust background blur using a variable ND filter. Specifically, the new mode allows – as the user changes the aperture – to adjust the values ​​of the ND filter and gain (gain) automatically, making it easy to adjust the degree of background blur in unchanging lighting[ii].

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