The most viewed video on YouTube…

You all know YouTube and you probably use it almost every day. Do you know what is the most watched video of all time?

You might like it a lot or it might get on your nerves, but the “Baby Shark Dance” video broke a new record. Register at the end of last week 10 billion views, which means that it was watched (at least statistically) by every inhabitant of our planet.

The video was filmed in 2016 in South Korea and features Korean-American singer Hope Segoine. The melody is accompanied by two children. In the 2-minute clip, the video shows a family of sharks, from mother to grandmother, and each one also has their own movement and their hands mimic the jaw of a shark.

Already in 2020, the Baby Shark dance surpassed Luis Fonsi’s song “Despacito” in terms of views, which today has gained 7.7 billion views.

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