Android says goodbye to 2G

The Android operating system is slowly saying goodbye to the 2G network, as it now allows you to block the use of this network.

In the latest version of Android, Google introduced the possibility for users to turn off 2G access due to security issues and a better level of privacy.

The biggest problem with 2G is a potential “stingray” attack, where a specific device can pretend to be a wireless transmission tower. This means that a phone using the 2G network can therefore communicate with a malicious signal.

Through a man-in-the-middle attack, hackers can obtain sensitive data about devices and users, the phone provides information about the SIM card (IMSI), call number and duration, content of text messages and calls, mobile phones consumption and data and history of visited sites .

In practice, such an attacker is placed between the user of the service (mobile phone) and the service provider (the wireless transmission tower).

There is a setting to block 2G access available for Android 12, while in previous versions this option was not.

If you can, disable the 2G connection.

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