This amazing laptop can do it all!

For some, working from home has become the new norm, necessitating the use of a powerful and versatile laptop. Huawei’s latest MateBook 14s is more than suitable. Here are the reasons!

Large screen with manageable dimensions

The Matebook 14s has a stunning 2.5K touchscreen that measures 35.8 cm (14.1 inches) in diameter. Despite its size, the bezels around it are thin, so the body of the device maintains very manageable dimensions of 313.82 mm x 229.76 mm x 16.7 mm, which is about the size of competitors with 13-inch screens.

At the same time, the new laptop weighs only 1.42 kg thanks to the casing made of aluminum alloy. So it has a large screen, but due to the dimensions and weight, it allows very good portability.

mid-range processor

Despite its manageable thinness, the Huawei MateBook 14s laptop has integrated 11th generation Intel processors that deliver superior performance. With them, it will also meet the needs of users who have several programs, applications and tabs open in the browser at the same time, and even those who want to use it as a 4K video editing tool. It provides enough processing and graphics power for all of those to get the job done on time.

Elegant and sophisticated look

Where do you say laptops have to be black? To break the stereotypes, the Matebook 14s is available in a cool spruce green, first used for a laptop case, and a more traditional gray. In both, however, it definitely stands out.

Versatile ‘machine’ that can do it all

Despite the original focus on hard work, the MateBook 14s is also the perfect device for entertainment and leisure. Whether you’re watching a series on Netflix or playing a video game. Its screen is capable of displaying more than a billion colors and provides a refresh rate of 90Hz. Half faster than most laptop screens. High speed is not superfluous. Animations and movements on the screen are smooth and less eye strain.

The MateBook 14s has up to four great speakers with distinct bass, so you might not need to use headphones. But you can and without restrictions, since there is a 3.5 mm connector for them.

Carefree Communication with Huawei Share

If you also own another high-end Huawei device, you can take advantage of the versatility and power of their connection with Huawei Share technology. On the laptop screen there is a smartphone screen in the window that you can easily operate there, while the MatePad tablet turns into a graphics tablet or additional laptop screen. The devices are connected quickly, it only takes a few clicks, after which it is also very easy to transfer files between them.

Long service life

Finally, about perhaps the most important feature. The 60W battery delivers a full day of operation and eliminates the tedious search for an electrical outlet. In addition, the USB Type C laptop power adapter is convenient for charging other devices that you have with you at all times. Wherever you go, just take your Huawei MateBook 14s laptop with you.

New Huawei devices

A new series of Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatches have also started to be sold in Slovenia, which come in two versions – 46mm and 42mm – featuring advanced sports and health functions. Huawei’s ecosystem is complemented by the new Huawei nova 9 and Huawei nova 8i smartphones and the large curved Huawei MateView GT screen, which features a modern look, unquestionable quality, the latest technology and reliability.

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