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The Chrome Edge web browser from Microsoft is very popular among Windows users. It allows you to import all your settings, passwords, bookmarks, most visited pages and even sync with your active Chrome account. In addition, it offers a number of very useful features.

With the growing popularity of the Microsoft Edge web browser, it is not surprising that it is becoming more and more interesting to cybercriminals as well. This time they bypassed Microsoft Edge users with a fake update. This is not surprising, as more and more users realize that browsers need to be constantly updated for security reasons.

A fake update of the Microsoft Edge web browser is located on a malicious website, and the user is “spoofed” on it by phishing. A file infected with the extension “.appx” is offered for download from a malicious website. If a user clicks on a malicious file, the malicious code encrypts all data. Thus, for this, the lack of preparation of course requires the user to pay compensation, otherwise the users will be left without data.

To avoid becoming a victim of inconvenience, always install Microsoft Edge Web updates through the Windows Update system. However, update the remaining software directly using the built-in update system. If this is not available, download the update directly from the software house’s website.

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