What will be the price today…

Have you ever wondered what old hardware, game consoles, PCs, and consoles cost today?

If you were born in the last millennium, you will definitely remember the first computers, MP3 players, game consoles and other old (old today) technologies. Do you know how much hardware cost over two decades ago today? Well, the price was calculated by HP’s research team.

For starters, TVs are available today for a few hundred euros, but can you imagine buying a TV in 1938? At the time, today it would have cost you about 6,500 euros. do you like watching movies? Although the first television saw the light of day in 1938, the first VCR took just over 39 years, and only appeared in 1977. For the RCA VBT200 VCR, the starting price was around €1,150 today, and today we discount 5 thousand bad.

The first phones were very expensive, too. The Motorola Dynatac 8000X, one of the first phones available to the public in 1984, today will cost about 9000 euros. A few years later, the first iPod, which today costs 350 euros, appeared on the market. Today it will cost about 520 euros. For the flagship smartphone BlackBerry 6210 of 2003, about 380 euros will be deducted today.

Looking at what today’s devices offer at this price, we have to keep in mind that these devices were very technologically advanced at the time. For example, today’s calculator has a more powerful processor than the one that was available in 1969 for the first flight to the moon.

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