Calculator: desktop, drawing, …

How did your math journey begin? In kindergarten or at the beginning of elementary school, I first met the abacus, a simple computer that brings math closer in a more meaningful way. Soon it was certainly replaced by a calculator.

Remember that teachers didn’t let you use a calculator until the upper elementary grades? why? Calculator is a great tool to quickly calculate and solve math problems. Since the calculator is such an easy-to-use tool, the teachers wanted you to master the basics of math first: learn counting, math rules, quick arithmetic, use logic and the like. Calculators should be a support for students’ knowledge and not the only tool in their arsenal.

Can you imagine a school without calculators? Not only do they facilitate the computation and verification of results, but they are also necessary to develop mathematical curiosity and conceptual understanding. But we must not forget about their second most important function: they are the best hiding place for “plonkce”. You did not discover us.

There may come a time in the future when children hear the word “calculator” and think “What is it?”. Instead of picking up a calculator, they will pick up the phone and calculate a mathematical equation with the app. At the moment, calculators are indispensable and are used at all levels of education.

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