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From now on, Android apps can also be used on Windows 11 PCs

When Windows 11 was officially introduced early last year, access to Android apps was an attractive addition to Microsoft’s operating system, but the company warned until late summer that it wouldn’t be included at launch. However, Microsoft recently released a preview version of Android app compatibility for beta testers.

If you’re a Windows Insider, you have the option to install the latest beta build that supports Android apps.

Before you can get started, your computer must of course have the ability to use Windows 11. If you’re not sure if your hardware is suitable, Microsoft has a tool that will check the upgrade option and most likely already installed on your computer ( If you have all the necessary updates). Also, Android apps are only compatible with computers with Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm processors.

To get the beta version, which has the ability to preview Android apps, you need to sign in to Windows Insider and subscribe to the developer channel or beta channel. Only then will you get the latest features that Windows 11 has to offer as well. Before upgrading, make sure Windows is up to date in Settings > Update & Security.

After a successful upgrade, the “Amazon Appstore” must be installed in the “Microsoft Store”. Clicking the install button will prompt you to download the so-called “Windows” subsystem for Android. Click download and wait for it to install. Then you need to restart your computer.

Before you can use the Amazon Appstore, you must sign in or create an Amazon user account. All you have to do is find the application you want in the search engine and install it on your computer. It’s not the easiest way to use Android apps, but it’s a step in the right direction and we optimistically expect Microsoft to streamline and improve the entire process. However, so far, the process is much simpler than installing dedicated emulators to emulate the Android operating system. However, these emulators have received many updates over the years and have advanced features as well as ‘root’ support, which attracts ‘power users’.

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