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President, Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. Hironori Ando has announced its joining the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and is committed to participating in the global supply chain in accordance with the joint code of conduct.

RBA brings together more than 190 leading companies that improve efficiency, working conditions, occupational safety, environment, ethics and management systems in global supply chains. RBA members operate in accordance with the Code of Conduct, which sets out operating principles for both companies and their suppliers. RBA provides tools for evaluating performance and determining code compliance. At the same time, it also offers capacity building tools for building code aimed at members who use it in their facilities or at their suppliers.

As a member of the RBA, Kyocera Document Solutions fully supports the vision and mission of RBA.


An alliance of companies that create sustainable value for workers, the environment, and businesses across the global supply chain.

a task:

Association members, suppliers, and other stakeholders work together to improve working conditions, the environment, and business performance using guiding standards and practices.

Kyocera Document Solutions is committed to complying with the RBA Code of Conduct in its operations, progressively introducing RBA approaches and tools into its operations in the spirit of common industry goals. Kyocera Document Solutions also pledges to progressively apply the RBA Code of Conduct to its direct suppliers, monitor its use to the best of its ability using RBA practices and tools, and encourage and support its suppliers to do the same. Therefore, it will seek to develop Kyocera Document Solutions Guidelines for Socially Responsible Supply Chain, based on the RBA’s Code of Conduct and share it with its suppliers, and actively participate in efforts to implement fair business practices.

Kyocera Document Solutions, as a member of the Kyocera Group, states that it will provide opportunities for the physical and intellectual growth of all its employees and work together to contribute to the progress of society and humanity, is the leadership of Kyocera Corporation and as a man, do the right thing!

“By following the principles of the Kyocera philosophy on a daily basis, we will contribute to the preservation of the planet and nature, the healthy development of society and the building of mutual trust. This is our fundamental method of sustainable management.”

About the Responsible Business Association:

Responsible Business Alliance

RBA Code of Conduct

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