The Richest Creators On Youtube…

Everyone knows the online video sharing platform YouTube, and you know some people make a fortune with it?

For many YouTube content creators, the popular online platform is the main source of income. Some even make a fortune with it.

The richest YouTuber in 2021 was Jimmy Donaldson, a 23-year-old American who is best known by the nickname MrBeast. His videos have exceeded 10 billion views, and have earned them over $47 million.

The 10 most influential YouTubers have earned more than $262 million in the past year alone, according to US Magazine. In second place in terms of earnings is Jake Paul.

This platform really came to life only in the last couple of years after the “feature” of the novel coronavirus outbreak. In 2021 alone, YouTube registered more than 2.3 billion users. It “spins” over a billion hours of video content every day.

Well, the list of the rich (amounts in euros):
10. Preston Arsenal – 14 million
9- Logan Paul – 15 million
8. Dude Perfect – 17 million
7. Ryan Kaji – 23 million
6- Nastya – 24 million
5. Untold – 25 million
4. Rhett Link – 26 million
3. Markiplier – 33 million
2. Jake Paul – 39 million
1. MrBeast – 47 million

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