BitBase opens its first cryptocurrency store…

Next Monday, January 24, BitBase will open its first cryptocurrency store outside Spain. It will be in Lisbon, where they will also install several digital currency ATMs. In addition, they will open three new franchises in Spain.

One of BitBase’s main goals in 2022 – as pointed out by its founder and CEO, Alex Fernandez, in Introducing its own cryptocurrency, BTBS– It was to go beyond the Spanish border and start opening stores abroad. That moment has already come: Monday, January 24, 2022, BitBase will open its first cryptocurrency store outside Spain, and will do so in Lisbon (Portugal).

It will also be the first physical cryptocurrency store to open in the neighboring country. Besides the store, BitBase will also install several cryptocurrency ATMs, although the exact number has not yet been determined. In Portugal, according to Coin ATM Radar, there are only four digital currency dispensers. Much lower than Spain, where 149 are already in operation.

This will not be the only establishment that the company will have in Portugal, in fact, they are already managing the opening of another store in Porto and the installation of several establishments with a franchise model.

United Kingdom and Colombia, the following BitBase destinations

The landing in Portugal is just the beginning of what BitBase hopes will be a major international expansion. The next destinations, although work continues on them, will be Colombia and the United Kingdom. But it won’t stay there. More surprises to come.

Crossing the Spanish border, far from it, will not mean that the Catalan startup forgets about the national market: very soon the opening of three new concessions will be officially announced, which will be in Alicante, Benidorm and Marbella. With these (and the Portuguese country), there will be 30 institutions for buying and selling cryptocurrencies (between stores and franchises) that BitBase owns.

They will also install 20 new cryptocurrency ATMs in different Spanish cities (and those already mentioned in Portugal). After its launch, BitBase will have 85 ATMs. is being The company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain, significantly far from the second, which has 40 and will become the third largest operator in Europe.

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