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In the rapidly evolving digital age, where everyone is already using IT technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, smart watches, cameras, monitoring systems, production lines, databases, artificial intelligence, etc.), from It is very important that we follow the development and education of people who are able to adapt and plan, prepare and protect the information and communication environment quickly.

Education in the field of systems

At Kranj High School Vocational High School, where we teach computer engineers, we follow development trends. We teach students to choose, install, and maintain different operating systems according to the hardware chosen and the needs of businesses. They also need adequate protection. As devices, people, and services are connected in networks, it is also important to know the operation and configuration of networks, protocols, and devices. We also define, set up, protect, and maintain a variety of server roles. Among the most important server roles are DHCP server, DNS server, web server, file server, SQL server, Active Directory, and others.

Many companies nowadays opt for the services offered by cloud computing, so we can’t avoid that either. We look at three areas covered by cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS-nfrastructure-as-a-service), Platform as a Service (PaaS-platform-as-a-service) and Software as a Service (SaaS – Software as a Service).

Upon completion of their studies, students can plan, prepare, configure and protect the entire information and communication infrastructure of the company.

What about software and data?

Programming is the basis for programming consoles and control systems in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to prepare web interfaces and create various applications. A computer engineer is not afraid of a programming challenge, because in addition to the basics, he also acquires knowledge about creating websites and more complex software applications.

The right data at the right time is a competitive advantage. All users are increasingly dependent on data. Computer engineers know how to design and implement various databases and prepare user interfaces, which, with the help of SQL or NoSQL, allow users to easily find, enter, delete and correct data. When planning and implementing a database, of course, we can’t ignore security and protection here either. It is important to ensure that users are authorized and authenticated, concurrent access is protected, backups are taken care of and the like.

Cisco Academy

The Kranj School Center is a local Cisco Academy, where we offer additional networking training with certified trainers. It is a modern program of further education in the field of information and communication technology. The program we run is called CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and consists of a set of 3 modules that represent the first step in the hierarchy of CISCO’s internationally recognized certifications.

Cooperation with companies

Kranj Vocational College collaborates with companies in the immediate and broader region. We have created a rich network of companies where our students complete practical training and gain hands-on experience solving real problems. Mentors in companies inform us about trends and needs, and thus participate in the creation of education content.

An investment in knowledge is the best investment

By constantly improving lecturers, updating curricular content, collaborating with companies and following development trends, we can enable students to acquire current knowledge, so to say that an investment in knowledge is the best investment is not just a phrase. (Public relations)

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