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Technology has dramatically changed the image of education. Access to online information is always at hand, and formal learning opportunities are available through online courses, classes, podcasts, and traditional curricula.

Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways. From making it easier for teachers to create learning materials to new ways to learn and collaborate. But in the past two years, distance education has taken on a whole new dimension with the entry of the Covid-19 virus into our lives, with technology playing an important role.

Will teachers be present in classrooms in the future?

Educational institutions are introducing technological changes at different speeds. It is an indisputable fact that even the oldest teachers cannot avoid using new tools based on modern technology. The latter is or will become the basis of everyday school life. Even the greatest opponents of classroom technology had to bow to the demands of education and students in the days of the crown.

Classrooms of the future are meant to feature learning analytics, smart mentors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. If expectations come true (we still have at least 10 years left until then), what will be the fate of teachers and educators?

How will educational institutions adapt to the new demands of the labor market?

Major shifts in technology and globalization are already taking place and rapidly changing the picture of the job market. Today, the most desirable jobs 10-15 years ago did not even exist. Experts predict that changes in the labor market will occur faster in the future. The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of automation and digitization. Agile companies that were ready for change have seen impressive growth, while others have disappeared from the face of the earth. The same goes for the staff. During the time of remote working or waiting for many workers, companies have accelerated the implementation of automated processes. This in turn means that some jobs are facing extinction. Some waiting workers remained there as well, companies simply swapping them for technology.

Applications to help you gain new knowledge

Technology has clearly changed the modern classroom. With the help of apps, it also affects education outside the classroom. Devices are just one piece of the puzzle to improve student learning performance. Interactive screens, boards, VR devices, collaborative platforms… The use of these devices has greatly improved learning processes. Learning has become more active and interactive, with an emphasis on cooperation between students. Hardware is only one part of the puzzle, the other part is educational applications. We have collected the 5 best apps for faster and more understandable learning and gaining new knowledge.

You can find more in the latest issue of Computer News, which is already available in your favorite newspapers and magazines.

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