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Microsoft recently announced the latest version of Windows 11, which will easily impress even the most demanding users. The novelty is different in many ways compared to the current Windows 10 operating system, but the transition to it should be relatively easy. Windows 11 basically offers a revamped design and new features.

Microsoft developers recently prepared another interesting version of Windows 11, the SE version. This is a special version of the novelty, which is intended mainly for cheap laptops. These will, of course, be in direct competition with Chromebooks, which are very popular, especially in the education field.

However, Windows 11 SE will finally hit the shelves along with cheap laptops. Microsoft has announced that the new operating system will come with low-cost laptops from companies such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook (formerly Toshiba), Lenovo and HP. Newcomers will likely be equipped with a touch screen, the ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees and the ability to use a digital stylus.

Laptop screens with Windows 11 SE installed will measure 29.5 cm or 11.6 inches diagonally. Exceptionally, laptops with 35.6 cm and 14-inch screens will also be available. Intel Pentium and Celeron processors will be available for data conversion. The eMMC will be responsible for storing the data.

It is worth noting that it will not be possible to reinstall Windows 11 SE. Microsoft warned some time ago that Windows 11 SE would not be available for download. This means that the new product will only be available with dedicated laptops. Of course, we will be able to install any operating system on it, but in this case we will have to say goodbye to Windows 11 SE forever.

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