With the right sense of modern challenges

Study programs for people who want to create practical solutions for the digital future.

New generations of IT professionals, graduates, masters in business informatics and doctors of business sciences focusing on informatics are educated by the largest private educational institution in Slovenia by number of graduates.

It links Abitura Vocational College with the College of Business and Business Sciences. Both carry out study programs in the field of informatics in several locations throughout Slovenia. There are experts who, in addition to diplomas, will have a real ear for new challenges and practical solutions for the digital present and future.

From apps to cryptocurrencies

Abitora Know computer engineers, who can choose between modules such as application development or information systems design and development. A special advantage of studying at Abitura is the focus on current topics. The two-year study also includes practical education, commensurate with the potential students experience. [www.abitura.si]

From system technology to social networks

College of Commerce and Business the Future Business Informatics graduate Offers a selection of modules such as system technology With a focus on operating systems, networking, information security, and Application technology With a focus on online and business applications. Regardless of the unit chosen, students can choose between topics such as virtualization, social networking in business, multimedia technology, e-business and the like. The school was the first in Slovenia to offer an optional subject on the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Diploma or diploma work directs students to topics in the field of financial management and investment in information technology or in the field of trends in the development of information and communication technologies. [www.fkpv.si]

Connecting theory and practice

The work of the lecturers in the field of informatics at Abitura and FKPV is constantly intertwined with Appearing as a guest of honor Experienced practitioners are common Also study visits in companies. Erasmus programs offer students a variety of opportunities for study exchange and train abroad. Both educational institutions are also distinguished by the organization of studies, which take place in intensive content groups (one subject at a time) in the afternoon. All materials are included in the program price. In addition to the mixed execution of the exercises, recordings of lectures are also available to students. That’s why they often decided to study at Abitura and FKPV Employees and persons with other responsibilities. Professors and lecturers with experience in economics guide students in solving practical challenges, and the Career Center takes care of the students Communication between students and employers.

Continuing to study until a doctoral degree

Informatics engineers who complete a two-year study at Abitura often decide to continue their studies at the School of Business and Business Sciences. Graduates of the Business Informatics department are also attracted to a master’s degree. It is especially interesting among FKPV programs New Master’s Degree in Business Studies 2 With a focus on business informatics. The curriculum includes topics such as management simulation games, data mining, mobile applications and various professional electives. A master’s degree opens up possibilities for PhD studies in Business Studies III.

Informatics also for experts in other sciences

Students from other fields of study can also choose interesting topics in Informatics at Abitura and FKPV. Educational institutions recommended by many successful graduates offer exactly that 15 different study programs. Explore them at www.studiraj.si. You can also attend individual topics as a citizen. You can join the implementation of one or more topics In the middle of the school year Hence check the quality of the study before enrolling. If you complete individual subject commitments and subsequently enroll in the chosen study at FKPV or Abitura, you will of course be recognized for these obligations.

You can find more at www.studiraj.si (PR)

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