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More and more industries are focusing their efforts on digital processes that are proven to accelerate and increase employee productivity. However, relying on technology means that there is a high demand for part-time technical and IT personnel.

What are the most in-demand jobs?

CVS Mobile is a leading Central European telecommunications solutions provider with over 15 years of experience in the IT field. They invest their international knowledge and experience in developing advanced information technology and business process solutions to the needs of companies in various industries. They are looking for a development engineer – interface developer who will take care of the development and design of user interfaces.

Cosylab wants to expand its Medical Services Engineering division with a Team Leader in Software Development (m/f). You will become the leading force for a team of 10-15 software development engineers. You will be responsible for optimizing the engineering capacity of the team and actively participating in the implementation of the Medical Services strategy.

They also posted the advertised job for C++ Software Developer (m/f). They are mainly looking for knowledge of C++, knowledge of GNU/Linux development environment and enthusiasm for technology.


Do you want to become part of an international company with a strong tradition and brand and work to create the future? An experienced software engineer and material equipment development engineer were invited to join the experienced team. The selected candidate will be offered an unspecified position with a probationary period of 6 months, an innovative position in the design and development of new products and integrated solutions in the fields of communications (optical access, 5G), transport and energy.

Join the international success story we write at Kia, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Be part of a team committed to the highest quality. Passionate about challenges and gaining new experience and knowledge, backend developers offer the possibility of personal development and gaining international business experience in the automotive IT industry and dynamic business. are you interested?

Do you want to work in a team of IT experts and does proactivity and team spirit mean something to you? Have you forgotten the feeling of happiness every morning to go to work, where new friends and challenges await you? Pronet Kranj is looking for new employees to join development, sales and technical support.

Bankart doo is a successful IT company and one of the leading operations centers for financial institutions in the region. As a development team, they follow modern architectural trends and new technologies, plan and develop innovative solutions in the field of payment instruments.

If you are interested in getting involved in systems and big projects, you are passionate about technology and you are a team person, then they have a place for you! Apply for the advertised position of Analyst Development Engineer (M/F).

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INFOTRADE IT doo is looking for a software developer in an Oracle/Apex environment to work at their corporate headquarters in Kranj. Job description: Software development and maintenance, equipment testing, analysis of possible solutions…

If you would like to collaborate and help write the success story of the successful NLB banking and financial group, you can now join it. They want to fill quite a few jobs.

organizational unit team Management Data To work in the Center of Excellence for Advanced Analytics invite a data analyst, a link between business users and data scientists who have an understanding of different machine learning models and advanced analytics methods. They are also looking for a data management enthusiast. You will take the role of Data Model Administrator and contribute to the development of the company with your expertise.

If you take pleasure in using advanced tools, solutions, and teamwork, then apply for the advertised position for Information Systems Designer, as they have quite a few interesting challenges ready.

The IT Development Team – OCU invites an enthusiastic application developer with a passion for advanced technologies and clean code.

The following professionals will have the opportunity: data scientist, risk model developer, freelance data analyst, data translator, credit risk model developer, enterprise data engineer, and cloud systems engineer. Learn more here.

Smart Com is a company specializing in advanced network solutions and cybersecurity design that has been solving the challenges of business users for over 30 years. With a strong development team, he has been involved in international development projects for many years, addressing and solving the challenges of modern society. Together with the Smart Com development team, you will work as a back-end developer in the field of development and maintenance of distributed back-office systems. They also invite a front-end developer who will take care of the development and maintenance of front-end applications.

Guardiaris doo is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of advanced simulation technologies. They are a passionate group of innovators, engineers, graphic artists and scientists with a 16-year tradition of pushing the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world. They invite an enthusiastic C++ developer to their team, who will use his knowledge to contribute to the innovative development of the 3D graphics engine.

Endava is looking for more IT professionals. They are looking for a very enthusiastic Angular Developer (m/f) to join a team in Ljubljana, Maribor or Nova Gorica. They also want to expand the team with a Java developer with at least 3 years of experience designing, building, and testing Java EE programs and microservices. An Experienced .NET Developer (m/f) has also been announced. Prerequisite is excellent knowledge of C# and the .NET platform. Furthermore, they are looking for an experienced Test Automation Engineer (M/F) who will join a dynamic and growing team in Ljubljana, Maribor or Nova Gorica and tackle new challenges with them.

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