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TH Roh announces the arrival of the most important device in the S series.

TM Roh, President and CEO of MX (Mobile eXperience) from Samsung Electronics, revealed his thinking about smartphones on his blog and hinted at some little secrets about the new products coming out in February.

The development of the smartphone has intervened in all areas of our lives. We used to be able to record, explore and connect with anyone, anywhere just by touching the screen. The smartphone is a huge improvement and Samsung never took it for granted.

Roh initially collects his thoughts: “Mobile innovation is evolving with the world, but it is not enough. We must first accept that technology can change the way we experience the world around us and make our lives easier. We are constantly striving to make the smartphone something new.” .

“It is not enough that mobile innovations evolve with the world. We need to be one step ahead so that our technology can help change the way we experience everything around us and make our lives easier. This is why we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.” Roh describes politics at Samsung.

Move the border in the history of the smartphone

With the arrival of the Galaxy Note in 2011, the convenience and portability of phones began. Smartphones with larger screens and tablet functionality are becoming the norm today. Some were opposed to the 5.3-inch screen, which was considered huge, but it was the observation that created the “legacy” of normalcy today. The S Pen also surprised everyone with its arrival, as it allowed for a lot of creativity. Users were able to quickly write down their thoughts in Samsung Notes.

Roh described the arrival of new foldable phones as follows: “In 2019, Samsung redefined smartphones. With the Galaxy Z Fold series, they brought a whole new look to the mobile industry. The great foldable design has also changed the way the phone is used. With Flexible Mode Video calls have become easier and become hands-free, and the phone offers multitasking through multiple windows. The phone turns into a tablet. Foldable phones are the next step, with many companies now following this idea.”

Listen to and respect users

“In the deluge of smartphone equality and frequent updates, our ambition remains strong: to discover the signals that transformation is triggering — by listening to your feedback — and continue to deliver the mobile experience that enables us all to evolve,” Roh said. .

He believes that many users were surprised when Samsung did not present the new Galaxy Note last year. He understands his enthusiasm for the Galaxy Note series and S Pen. It also ensures that in no way have they forgotten the mobile experience that users love so much.

Initiative for further development

For years, there have also been skeptics who think Samsung is thinking in the direction of the impossible – it turns out to be an oversized screen, an unnecessary stylus, or a professional night vision camera. With each new development of Samsung Galaxy devices, a whole class of mobile phones has been redesigned. With this mindset of progress, they will continue to be in the mobile industry.

In February 2022, Samsung announced the most important S series device ever created. The Galaxy S generation is here and combines the best Samsung Galaxy features into one high-end device.

You will be able to take the best and brightest photos and videos on a dark night. However, during the day it will impress you with power, speed, and a variety of tools not found anywhere else. “You will enjoy the cutting-edge innovations made possible by the smartest Galaxy experience ever. This will leave you satisfied that you are part of the most sustainable Galaxy ecosystem. You will help us rewrite the future of smartphones. Get ready for a first-class Galaxy experience,” concludes Roh.

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