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New stakeholder forms of organization of economic entities, new role and new management of the public sector require new knowledge of managers and leaders.

Management and Law for Professionals and Managers

The problems of organizing business processes and managing the company are above all interdisciplinary problems; The tangle of management and business law is at the forefront.

The structure of learning and business research is an essential component of the quality of studies. Study at lower levels should focus on acquiring knowledge, skills, and using established models for solving business problems and managing companies. Higher levels of study (Masters and PhD) aim to learn about business problems through interdisciplinary research approaches. Above all, the latter is important for managers applying to engage in interdisciplinary research on advanced management models for companies and stakeholders in organizations. The research direction and organization of the MLC in Ljubljana make it possible to interdisciplinary study of new management models in the modern legal environment.

A suitable study for life

The MLC School of Management and Law in Ljubljana conducts modern studies on the model of the internationally renowned modern business schools. For the challenges that lie ahead, quality education, a modern and up-to-date educational offer is essential. Study should be adapted to the individual’s life circumstances: family, work commitments, and professional ambitions. Education should also be interesting for students who have interrupted their studies, that their previous education (examinations) and internships have been recognized, and that it is easier for them to decide on the effective continuation of their studies – lifelong learning.

A trio that guarantees a successful future

The starting point for studies at MLC Ljubljana is current business problems from practice and then familiarization with modern methods of solving them. Students learn about and study interdisciplinary business. The triumvirate, represented by management, business law, and digital business knowledge, provides students with a future in which graduates will perform well and become successful managers and leaders. This is achieved by lecturers who are successfully working in practice, by getting acquainted with business practice in the form of tours or invited lectures by experts from practice. It is especially important that students have the opportunity to work practically on advanced business information systems and databases. To this end, students are practically trained to work with the most advanced business information system SAP 4 HANA, master the use of DUN & BREDSTREET tools for forecasting business risks and the logic and concepts of online advertising systems for business entities. The college exposes particularly successful and resourceful students by earning special certifications, which help employers with quality employment.

Study and education programs

Objectives Study program first degree Is to train students to Various areas of work for the lower and middle management In companies and other institutions. Students gain basic knowledge of business law and management in entrepreneurship. Graduates are able to perform the tasks Information-assisted modern business functionality (SAP) in medium and small enterprisesPurchasing, production, sales and personnel on the premises of planners and analysts. They can perform the work of a corporate attorney, law or notary. Students gain skills that enable them to enter the labor market successfully, and employers acquire qualified personnel for rapid integration into digitally supported work processes.

Master’s Program Combines management and business law and upgrades them with the current digital content of business analytics. Students also learn about international practices in management and leadership. They are overcoming and researching new legal forms of company organization and the operation of modern business systems. They learn the importance of a successful leader and new models of leadership in modern, legally regulated work environments. It is suitable for all those who will take up senior management tasks in organizational units or projects, and is also suitable for those who will meet with management and entrepreneurship, but university education was not fully acquainted with management tasks and related legal issues (engineers, doctors, artists, sociologists …). As leaders or future leaders in the family and private companies decided to study.

PhD program It is conceived on the grounds that management is successful when it understands, organizes and develops the legal environment in which it operates. Must be informed and motivated to adopt governance and stakeholder models quickly and flexibly. The program will introduce participants to research and transfer good management law practices to organizations.

Education is a lifelong process. New models of regulation and legal regulation of relations are rapidly emerging in the business environment of developed companies. With the development of ICT, automation and robotics, this is becoming more and more important, as everything is built on a solid foundation of organization, development and sustainable relationships in business.

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