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There is not much knowledge at all, so having a double degree from the Faculty of Economics is definitely an attractive offer for all students.

In the Faculty of Economics, you have many courses to choose from to earn a double degree. Today we will introduce who you can apply for a master’s degree in business informatics. Attention, a double degree requires effort, discipline, dedication to study and excellent time management skills. What will you get for your effort and time? We asked Professor Mojca Indihar Štemberger, Head of the Master’s Program in Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, about the advantages and benefits of obtaining a double degree.

What is the Dual Degree Program? How and where does the Dual Degree Program for Business Informatics students take place and what are the limitations?

This is a joint study program leading to two degrees or master’s degrees at two universities. We have two such programs in the Master’s Degree in Business Informatics. We carried out the first 12 years ago in cooperation with the NOVA Information Management School in Lisbon, and started the second one a year ago in cooperation with the Business School of the German University of Pforzheim. Every year, some of our second year students go to study in Portugal or Germany, and some students from both colleges come to us in their second year. International students who come to us join our students to do some courses together.

Our program enrolls 80 students annually, one third of whom are well-educated foreign students, one third of students from other Slovenian colleges, mainly in the field of computer science, and the rest are graduates of the Faculty of Economics. There is a great atmosphere in the classroom, as students with interdisciplinary skills come from at least ten European countries, and some also from other continents. Since our program places great emphasis on current and team work, students get to know each other well and thus create their future international business network. They also adopt good habits from each other. German students for example they always fulfill their obligations ahead of schedule and also very well.

With four students from the German University of Pforzheim, she studied Business Informatics in the dual degree program at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in š. to. 2020/21. Despite the limitations caused by Covid, the study was an exciting and challenging experience for me. Slovenia is a dream country for nature lovers like me.

Norman Bachtold, MA September 2021, employee in Germany in ERP solutions and process renewal

Why should students of Business Informatics seriously consider earning a dual degree? What advantages will you get compared to the classic study?

A double degree allows to gain a more diverse knowledge, as each faculty has slightly different subjects, to get acquainted with a different environment, to improve business English and also to establish contacts with foreign companies. I am convinced that all of this is very important for our students and that employers appreciate it too. With our employers, a master’s degree is appreciated from abroad, especially from Germany. More so, international study experience is needed by students who will one day work in international companies at home or abroad.

How do you select students for these programs? What are the alternatives for students who do not meet the registration requirements?

Ambition, motivation and high marks are very important when selecting candidates for dual degree programmes. However, even students who are unable or unwilling to enroll in dual degree programs gain international experience. Specifically, our faculty also enables other forms of study abroad. Many students choose the Erasmus or bilateral exchange programme, as there are opportunities at more than 200 partner institutions around the world. Business Informatics students prefer to go to Austria, Holland and Germany, where there are excellent study programmes. On the other hand, students who do not travel abroad gain international experience through English language courses and teamwork in international groups.


Participation in the dual degree program provided me with the insight and international study experience I wanted. A different and comprehensive way of lecturing while studying at Pforzheim offered me developing speaking competencies in the form of numerous presentations and raising my knowledge of Business English, while updating my knowledge of German as most of the class was German. Studying Business Informatics has broadened my horizons in the areas of management, big data analysis and digital competencies, while developing an entrepreneurial mindset. The program helped develop my critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and gain knowledge to pursue my career with confidence.

Kaja Breškon, a business informatics student, is currently studying in Germany

Are scholarships available to cover living expenses? Is distance learning possible due to COVID restrictions?

Scholarships are available. During the greatest Covid restrictions, we have implemented the program completely remotely. We are now working on a hybrid system, i.e. in college with Zoom transfer for students who cannot attend university. This year, at the request of students, we are still conducting part-time studies, often remotely, and are considering using these forms of work more, as we have very good experience with them so far.

More about the Dual Diploma and Business Informatics program at the Faculty of Economics on the website www.ef.uni-lj.si.

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