iPROM showed 36 percent last year…

In 2021, iPROM, with its technological solutions for distributing advertising messages, showed more than 36 percent more ads to Slovenian digital media users compared to the previous year. What industries were in the lead?

In 2021, iPROM recorded a 36.04% increase in the width of all ads and a 19.50% increase in the number of all ad creatives. According to the number of advertisements shown, the finance industry ranked first among the industries, which also recorded the largest increase – 28.18% – in share compared to the previous year. The commerce industry fell to second place among industries with 18.84 percent.

“IPROM has been monitoring the number of ads shown in Slovenian digital media since 2005. After last year’s record increase of almost 50% in the number of ads served to users of Slovenian digital media, 2021 saw an additional 36% growth. I think the growth is not yet complete and we will see Similar growth rates this year as well.” Tomas Tomic, Head of iPROM Laboratories.

In 2021, the finance industry outperformed the commercial industry and recorded the largest growth in the proportion of ads displayed

The distribution of the share of ads displayed in digital media by industry last year is similar to that in 2020, when it recorded a 50% increase in impressions. Among the top three industries, there was a change, with 19 percent of all advertisements shown from third to first position, with the finance industry registering a significant growth of 28 percent. It is closely followed by the trade sector in second place with 18.84 percent, but recorded a decrease of four percent.

The auto industry came in third place with more than 15%, which grew by about 4%, followed by the leisure and entertainment industry with more than 9%, which fell by 9%.

The largest drop among industries was recorded in the tourism industry, where the proportion of impressions fell by 62 percent which in 2021 represented just under three percent of all impressions.

Interest in individual content categories is growing in the Slovenian media

“Last year, at iPROM, using the iPROM Cloud technology solution, which reaches 90 percent of Internet users in Slovenia, we began to systematically prepare monthly analyzes on various content categories in Slovenian digital media. Through these analytics, we wanted to identify the contents The main in Slovenian digital media that was of interest to Slovenes in a given month. The annual analysis provides a comprehensive view of the interests of individual content categories, where it is clear that interest in individual content strongly depends on the time of year, economic conditions and measures in society. I can say that our interest in waves ” Tomsik.

An analysis of twenty interesting content categories read by Slovenian digital media users in 2021 showed that Slovenes showed the most interest in business content between January and May and between August and December; Contents related to health and healthy living were of great interest to us between January and March and October and December; Tourist content achieved the greatest arrival between April and September; Style and fashion content read between March and June and October and December.

Analysis of changes in the share of interest in content categories in Slovenian digital media in 2021 by months compared to the average
Strength of interest in media content about business, health, tourism, fashion and style in Slovenian digital media in 2021 compared to the average content group

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