MediaTek is already preparing for…

Prices for the best smartphones are rising from year to year, but fortunately manufacturers realize that not all users are willing to deduct more than 1,000 euros for a new device. This also applies to users who want to use the latest 5G mobile network. The latter is becoming more and more accessible to users of mobile services and, of course, brings them many advantages, especially in the form of faster data transfer.

But you may have heard that many companies and even countries are already focusing on developing a new 6G mobile network. China is the leader at the moment. The latter sent the first experimental satellite into space some time ago, which fully supports the upcoming 6G mobile network. The new satellite will be used by researchers, at least initially, primarily to test the operation of the 6G mobile frequency band in space.

MediaTek is also gaining ground in this area. The first modem that will be compatible with the new mobile network is being prepared. According to experts, the new mobile network will provide data transfers at speeds of up to 1 terabyte per second (1 terabyte / s!). Delay times are expected to be up to 100 times shorter. The new mobile network is expected to be available in 2030.

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