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KMPlayer media player not only delights its users with the fact that it is freely available on PC. The beloved player also impresses at the expense of one of the best graphical interfaces, which is perfectly adapted to smartphones and tablets. This actually means that it is one of the best and most powerful multimedia players for smartphones, especially for Android.

The interesting KMPlayer media player is available for download on the web portal of the Google Play Store at The player supports video playback up to 4K or even 8K. In addition, the player allows you to play videos on Chromecast TV. The dot on i also gives the ability to play any video on the web by entering the URL link.

KMPlayer media player also provides support for external storage devices (SD card or USB memory). Of course, the possibility to play music and content stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex.Disk should not be overlooked here. KMPlayer media player is basically free. A VIP subscription is also available here, but it’s not too expensive. Annual subscription is only 20 euros.

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