The legendary Game Boy Advance can…

Few of us probably don’t remember Nintendo’s innovative Game Boy handheld console, which saw a real boom in video games in the 1990s. How could we not, when all of a sudden we were able to take the heroes of our favorite games on trips? The rather powerful original model, which arrived in Europe in 1990, was followed by the more convenient Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Color, and finally the more modern Game Boy Advanced.

However, the Game Boy Advanced gaming console caught the attention of a programmer known by the pseudonym Xproger recently. It has redesigned the popular handheld game console so much that it can run an early demo of the famous 1996 console game Tomb Raider. This game is made for the first generation Sony PlayStation game console.

Tomb Raider on the Game Boy Advanced console uses the open source OpenLara engine. You can also check for yourself how the game works in practice. You can watch a video of Xproger’s extraordinary achievement in the video below or at

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