Major 5G players with ambitious prospects for 2022

There is a good chance that the phone you have has a built-in 5G modem and also a good chance that you will connect to a 5G signal fairly regularly, depending on where you live. The benefits of speed that 5G connectivity brings to us have already been presented, but what can we expect in the realm of 5G technology in 2022?

Digital Trends has asked experts from Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon and others for some predictions about how 5G technology will develop this year and the interesting innovations that technology will bring. If you’re not quite keen on 5G, be prepared to think a little differently from now on, with plans covering everything from better connectivity and new devices to self-driving cars and building the metaverse.

global perspective

From left: Ben Wood (CCS Insight), Enrico Salvatore (Qualcomm), David Christopher (AT&T) and Frank Polbin (Verizon).

The year 2022 will be exciting for the 5G network, as there will be significant advances in the field of phones and networks, which will further improve the 5G experience for consumers.Salvatore said. “In 2021, operators around the world established more than 170 commercial 5G networks, of which more than 75 were in Europe. In 2022, 5G will be expanded further and operators will start deploying standalone 5G networks, providing consumers with incredible speeds and quality of service. With the growing demand for higher speeds and unique applications, we will see more 5G mmWave deployments in Europe in 2022, increasing consumer and business use of 5G technology.he added.

David ChristopherThe executive vice president and general manager of partnerships and 5G ecosystem development at AT&T agrees that 2022 will be an exciting year for 5G, but adds that this is also a short period in the “5G decade.”

The next 12 months is a very short period in the context of the “5G contract”, which will be very transformative and groundbreaking. Innovation accelerates and will continue in 2022Happy Christopher.

The place is already set and expectations are high, but what about tangible data? Let’s take a look at what will happen with 5G technology this year.

speed and technology

Currently, most of us are hooking up to 5G networks at higher data rates, but the question is, will those rates change and improve this year? Not exactly, but don’t consider that a bad thing. Christopher of AT&T said:The next few years will see a huge increase in speed, with multi-gigabit home connections and 200Mbps or even 300Mbps on devices across the country.He added thatUltra-low 5G latency is becoming more and more popular“.

Galaxy Fold 5G Speed ​​Test

Ben Wood, Senior Analyst and Director of Marketing at CCS Insight, agreed and told Digital Trends that “In 2022, 5G technology will not be faster, it is about being smarter, more flexible and therefore more powerful as a technology. It will be a transition from a standalone 5G network to a standalone 5G network, which will provide some performance improvements, such as lower latency“.

Huge market, more phones

We are convinced that 2022 will be the year when 5G will enter the mass markets, as 5G-enabled smartphones will become very popular. More comprehensive network coverage will helpWood said.

If this happens, having too many 5G devices will be inevitable. Qualcomm, which may come as no surprise given its activity, expects that given the changes to the 5G network this year, we’ll have more reasons to upgrade to a 5G device if we haven’t already. Salvatore says:In the field of phones, we will witness some interesting innovations in 2022, especially in the field of smartphones with an Android operating system with a higher price range. “

Wood adds that increasing awareness of 5G technology in 2022 will not only affect smartphones. “We believe that momentum will also increase among business users who will begin to recognize the benefits that 5G can provide, for example in laptops with cellular connectivity.,” He said.

5G at home

If the operators are successful, this year your home will also be equipped with 5G technology. Frank Bolbin, Verizon’s chief revenue officer, shows how their ultra-wideband network could change broadband in the home environment for the better this year.

With the expansion of Verizon’s 5G ultra-wideband network, we are on the cusp of a digital revolution that will change the way we use technology in our daily lives.,” he wrote enthusiastically in a long email to Digital Trends.We’re talking about more than just faster phone speeds — there’s a massive increase in broadband capacity across the country, allowing more home internet options, so you can use the game-changing connection and speeds for work, play, and everything in between. By the end of January, Verizon’s 5G UltraWide network will be available to reach 100 million people in 1,700 cities, enabling them to enjoy the power and benefits of 5G in their homes.“.

Auto industry

This year, you will be able to leave your home with a 5G phone and a laptop and get into a 5G car connected to a 5G network. At least that’s how Qualcomm and AT&T see the immediate future. Salvatore says 5G along with the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a huge impact on automotive technology this year and into the future.

In 2022, the first 5G cars powered by Snapdragon will come to marketReveal, then offer a glimpse into the future. “Looking into the future, we see huge screens in the car’s cockpit, augmented reality, state-of-the-art audio systems, smart mirrors and AI-powered experiences. Fast cloud connectivity will provide in-depth content, services and advanced navigation that is constantly updated to keep the consumer experience fresh and exciting.“.

If we stick to cars, Christopher says, AT&T is looking at how 5G can accelerate the development of self-driving cars in 2022 and over the next few years. “Although we will continue to drive cars in 2022 and not us, self-driving vehicles may become more commonChristopher said. “Delivery vehicles and trucks could start to appear, and a 5G network could connect them to each other and to the road. Your pizza may arrive independently – it’s already being tested in Houston, and in 2022 it could go viral. Your parcel may be delivered without human assistance,” He said.

Games, Virtual Reality, and Metaverse

CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces Meta.

Among other things, Christopher is excited about the potential for 5G technology to advance two technologies we’re just beginning to understand: augmented reality (AR) and metaverses.

Next year, we will see the first version of augmented reality glasses that will be available to consumers and will look naturalpridect. This is critical for acceptance, as most current smart glasses are cumbersome and unattractive. Christopher predicts that the prevalence of augmented reality and virtual reality will be soGames are becoming more and more popular. . . And that high-speed, low-latency 5G networks will allow the use of unrestricted devicesAlso, playing games without a console will be a trend that will continue to develop in 2022.

If we look more into the future and get attached to the so-called 5G decade, Christopher also spoke about how 5G will help make the metaverse a reality.

A whole new dimension of gaming will appear in the metaverse,” He said. “The games will not be limited to a phone or console, but will be played in the real world using virtual objects around you, whether in the virtual world, at home, or anywhere else in the real world. He added that low-latency and error-free networks would enable thousands of connected devices to operate around the world.”

In anticipation of 5G in 2022

Qualcomm 5G logo.

Although 5G technology has taken some time to transform into a bit more everyday uses, all the predictions made above indicate that it will likely have an even greater impact on our lives in 2022 — whether on our phones, in our homes, or if we use it. 5G connection. To play games or run a business. New 5G phones, more laptops, the first everyday wearable smart augmented reality glasses, advances in connected cars, better cloud gaming and the start of the metaverse are possible this year — and it’s hard not to get excited with the expectations.

“The year 2022 will be key for the development of 5G technology,” said Christopher of AT&T, adding that he couldn’t be more excited about where AT&T takes the consumer experience this year.

Salvatore of Qualcomm will have the final say. He concluded, “5G is a really revolutionary thing, but the further development of the technology is more exciting and we can expect a lot more from it in 2022.”

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