Microsoft Andromeda operating system is not announced!

Microsoft stopped developing Windows 10 Mobile some time ago. Microsoft introduced support for the mobile platform in 2019, but there was simply no development of new options. In fact, the number of users was so small that it would be worthwhile for Microsoft to invest in the development of the platform, since hardware manufacturers will not take advantage of it, but are confused.

Interestingly, in the middle of 2018, Microsoft programmers developed a completely new operating system, which never saw the light of day. This was the Microsoft Andromeda operating system, which was installed on some Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphones. Although the new one never saw the light of day, recently a video was posted on the World Wide Web that shows what the system can offer.

With the Microsoft Andromeda mobile operating system, it should be possible to create notes with a digital pen without having to unlock the device beforehand. The innovative Microsoft Andromeda OS is also supposed to support the advanced use of gestures, which must be written on the skin of more advanced users. But for unknown reasons, Microsoft developers simply abandoned the Andromeda operating system. You can see how the novelty will work in practice in the video below or by clicking on the web link

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