What will the new Google Chromecast bring us?

The Google Chromecast media player is very popular among users because it allows 4K content playback and is relatively inexpensive. The revamped Google Chromecast will surely attract more users, as it will be richer for the high-quality Google TV service, which has long replaced the lesser-known Android TV service.

The new Google Chromecast is likely to offer hardware decoding support for the AV1 video format. In addition, it is supposed to be equipped with a larger amount of built-in memory. It is expected to reach eight GB in size, as applications for playing multimedia content are becoming increasingly “required”. At the same time, this should ensure that the application runs faster and therefore a better user experience.

Many experts are convinced that the novelty will not be cheap due to the stated possibilities. The new product is supposed to fall into the higher price range, such as the Nvidia Shield TV. More information about the new media player in Google Chrome is expected in the next few weeks.

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