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This proverb has been around for centuries and greatly reduces the ability of the adult generation to adapt to change. In the CDI Universe, they don’t believe in this proverb. Want to gain new knowledge? It’s never too late!

Every few years, there is a major shift in technological development. The first twenty years of the twenty-first century saw the development of 3D printing, blockchain technology, data science, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. It is difficult to track any progress, especially if the individual is not active in this area. True, digitization gave 24-hour access to all the necessary information, but you need to know how to decode it correctly. It’s hard to do this on our own in most cases, so we need help.

The acquisition of new knowledge should be for life. However, people often stop after a certain age (40 or 50) and are limited to noticing progress. Why not enter the digital playground? Learning can be fun and above all rewarding! There is no better feeling than gaining new knowledge, whether you are 30 or 50 years old. Where do you get knowledge? CDI Univerzum has been implementing the idea of ​​lifelong learning since 1957.

There can be no world without computers

Since everything is done through smart devices and the Internet Protocol, it makes sense to think about acquiring new knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Nobody wants to “outsource” tasks they can do on their own with little knowledge. This applies to both private and business life. Wouldn’t it be better, faster, and cheaper if you could fix your computer, phone, or other electronic device yourself? How about something more ordinary than buying a product online? Something more difficult: programming a simple programming interface (API) that will speed up some of the day-to-day operations of your business? Tired of being one of the few in the company who didn’t gain the knowledge to use Zoom and Teams collaborative platforms in the time of the crown? Or the concept of cloud computing?

You’re not alone. Every year, CDI Universe notices an increase in attendance in computer education programs.

Free and Paid Computer Courses in CDI Universe

You can be an ICT expert or a beginner, the common enemy is complacency. Many experts believe that with 15 or 20 years of experience, they have won everything that can be earned. But this is far from the case. It’s a complacency trap. The same goes for beginners. At first, you will quickly gain new knowledge and skills. It is important that you continue in this rhythm and do not stop. The knowledge is endless, you will never win everything, but each new platform means greater personal satisfaction and better competitiveness in the job market.

CDI Universe offers free monthly computer courses of 40 or 60 hours with different programs (computer literacy, Microsoft Word, Excel, website, social networking, cloud work…) Adjust the approach and schedules of workshops for groups of more than 10 people in companies . Their advisors and lecturers are dedicated to each individual and their needs. Workshops and remote seminars are also held in case of further restrictions against the Crown.

Tutorials adapt to gain the most sought-after competencies

Every year, the CDI Universe welcomes a new generation of adults who want to shine in one of the most sought-after professions: nurse-caregiver, economic technician, administrator, merchandiser, preschool teacher, computer scientist and computer technician. You can become a computer scientist after completing a 3-year formal education program and a computer technician after 4 years. Don’t worry, even if you miss registration (usually until mid-September), adults also have the option to register during the school year. You’ll have to make up for lost time at first, but you won’t be alone on the way. CDI Universe consultants will stand by you, create an educational plan and accompany you until the end of your education. They also adjust lecture dates.

In addition to the formal educational programmes, CDI Univerzum offers several free short workshops: Successful Communication and Conflict Management, with a better focus on Learning Success, Mediation – Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Action Plan in Brief, Career Development Workshop, Financial Literacy, Fingerwriting blindness; , Business Slovene… They also offer training and certification to acquire NPKs, which can now be obtained in Slovenia for nearly 300 professions.

More about CDI Univerzum and their educational programs at (Public relations)

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