Crypto Plaza & Dragon Corp.: New Line of Business with NFT Games | cipher arena

NFT Games are making their way into the finance sector, and are positioning themselves as a very exciting investment thanks to the growing adoption of new and disruptive ventures. These new proposals for open economic systems create a plethora of opportunities.

To undertake this new line of business, Crypto Plaza has cooperation with Dragon Corp. , a company dedicated to asset management in NFT games and metaverses. Dragon Corp has a team of gaming and investment experts, as well as a strong community around Star Atlas.

The results of this cooperation are very beneficial, with higher returns than expected in the most optimistic scenario, and high revaluations of the invested capital. Unlike the cryptocurrency market, which has undergone severe corrections in this period.

Crypto Plaza has firmly entered the world of NFT gaming, taking on other assets Vimbol ECOS Treearrow, the most valuable and exclusive ship in the Star Atlas metaverse, positions itself as a great ally to keep in mind for both players and investors.

From now on, Crypto Plaza will benefit from I know how Provided by Dragon Corp. on the metaverse and NFT Games as well as continuous monitoring of current affairs and opportunities in the sector.

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