Do you want to spice up your spare time with laser hobby?

Everyone wants to relax for their favorite hobby after a hard day’s work. It could be watching TV, playing games, playing sports… You would definitely agree that these are very classic examples. Why doesn’t anyone think about laser engraving for example? Simply because there is a reasonable mindset that it is a very expensive hobby. It is certainly not among the cheapest, but it is not among the most expensive. An annual ticket to visit the fitness center costs from 300 euros onwards (depending on the location). This does not include driving time, fuel costs, and vehicle wear. However, laser technology has become so cheap over the years that it has become very affordable. The SculpFun S6 Pro laser engraving machine is available at this link for €294.99. However, if you also use the action code CCS6But this price drops to 239.99 euros.

SculpFun S6 Pro laser engraving machine: What do you get for that price?

The SculpFun S6 Pro laser engraving machine is equipped with the latest 5.5 W LD + FAC point pressure laser. It has a 0.08 square mm laser focus, which is twice the thickness of a conventional laser and has a higher power density. The difference will be noticeable when cutting wood or acrylic, where the LD + FAC laser engraving traces are thinner and the cutting penetration is stronger.

The laser filter housing blocks 98% of UV rays, which means you can monitor the entire process without dedicated glasses (however, protective equipment is recommended). The protection also prevents your pet from accidentally grabbing the laser spot. The S6 Pro laser engraving machine combines a fixed focus laser with a sliding design. All you have to do to adjust the focus level is to push the laser and tighten the screw.

The machine is made of metal construction, which means that it is durable. At the same time, the metal improves the accuracy of the engraving. You can place the laser machine almost anywhere, but it is advisable to put it in a remote location where you will have enough space to work. The whole installation will take less than 20 minutes. The device supports many engraving software such as LaserGBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController and LiteFire. It also supports PWM pattern and is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. Various formats are available: JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP…

The X and Y axes have precise scales suitable for measuring the size of the excavated objects. The surface of the engraving area (410 x 420mm) is large enough for different user needs. You will also find an emergency kill switch on the device.

The SculpFun S6 Pro laser engraving machine is available for €239.99 at this link. Remember to use business code CCS6. Online retailer Cafago sends the device to you from a European warehouse at no additional charge.

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