In the hybrid classroom, the camera and microphone are indispensable

Hybrid classrooms are becoming a reality. It is important to know and take advantage of its benefits, and for this we need the right equipment.

In addition to equipment such as a computer, projector, and screen or interactive display, picture and sound quality is very important, though often overlooked, in a hybrid classroom. Already experience from telephone conversations clearly tells us that the call and the call itself does not help us at all if we do not hear the interlocutor or hear him poorly. Same thing with the picture. The interlocutor may have prepared everything perfectly, but if we did not make sure that we could talk to him as much as possible and of course without interference, we did nothing.

All-in-one solutions

We know different systems in which we can equip co-ed classrooms and offices, and each has its advantages. If you want to have everything ready in just about moments, you can consider the all-in-one 360-degree Meeting Owl Pro Camera. It’s unobtrusive in the office, conference room, or classroom, and you’ll be amazed at how well it does its job. In addition to the interesting owl-like appearance, one of the most important features is that it is a “plug and play” solution. Simply connect the included cable to your Windows or Mac OS device and set the default audio and video source. Compact and easy solution.

Today, some cameras or microphones are able to determine which of the attendees is speaking and bring them closer, so that there is no doubt among other participants in a meeting or lecture at a distance from the speaker. The lecture suddenly became more engaging. In addition, the built-in microphones transmit extremely high-quality sound. This is true today for most modern conference solutions, be it the entire system, the camera, or the microphones. If we think of a high-quality microphone or a tie, we can be without concern that noise from our surroundings might disturb listeners or other video conference participants. If you spend many hours every day in a co-ed classroom or in meetings, one of the best solutions is a ceiling microphone field, which gives you more freedom to work. From now on, the speaker sound will always be clear and crisp.

You need to know what is the solution your rights

There are many solutions on the market today, from small spaces to multi-participant systems and high-end audio and video systems for group meetings or lectures. You just need to know your needs and how willing you are to dig your pocket for them. Professional cooperation systems know no barriers. It contains many high quality cameras, microphones, amplifiers and all kinds of connectors that can be combined into a comprehensive and complete system to enhance any video conferencing.

You can charge a few dozen euros for cameras and microphones, or equip the class with professional systems. They will adjust to the discourse as if they had their own manager. The cameras will record from different angles, and the sound will be great.

With all solutions, it all depends on what you need and how much time you spend studying or meeting remotely. Just as there are a variety of cameras, microphones can be headphones, neckties, ceiling, or desktop. Even regular wireless conference microphones can be a great solution, freeing you from cables, and at the same time making students’ speech clear and precious time not lost due to inactivity or poor performance. Every microphone and every camera will add value to a lecture or meeting, because we know that solutions built into laptops are acceptable at first glance, but they don’t provide the quality and dynamism added by high-quality cameras and microphones.

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