It will be the most popular game this year.

Less than a year ago, fans of the game welcomed the arrival of one of the most awaited gaming devices of all time. We are talking, of course, about the advanced gaming console Sony PlayStation 5, the demand for which is much higher than expected. Of course, the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles should not be overlooked here, as they are still for sale as a bet.

However, experts are convinced that this year the leading position among manufacturers of game consoles will not belong to Sony or Microsoft. It looks like Nintendo will take the top spot, with the popular game console Switch. Experts are convinced that retailers will be able to sell a total of 21 million Nintendo Switch consoles this year.

If predictions are to be believed, Sony will take the second place in terms of the number of game consoles sold. In all, it is expected to sell about 18 million PlayStation 5 game consoles. In third place is the Microsoft Xbox Series game consoles, with nine million consoles sold. However, the demand for gaming hardware will still be higher than the supply.

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