Samsung Bespoke Jet™ provides exceptional cleaning with the All-in-One Clean Station™

The stylish rod vacuum cleaner provides a powerful and hygienic cleaning experience thanks to the All-in-One™ cleaning station and up to 210W of suction power.

Samsung introduced a vacuum cleaner Bespoke Jet™Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With All-in-One Clean Station™ A station that delivers hygienic cleaning with an efficiency of 99.999% for a multi-layer filter system.1 In addition to the All-in-One Clean Station, which charges your vacuum cleaner and empties the trash automatically, the Bespoke Jet is lighter and features an improved digital inverter motor than its predecessor.2 For a more powerful cleaning. Bespoke Jet tudi has also been recognized as the award winner CES Innovation Awards 2021Because it’s really full of innovation.

“Cleanliness comes first for consumers around the world, so we wanted to create a product that offers more convenient and powerful features to keep users’ homes tidy,” she said. Hysun YangExecutive Vice President and Head of User Experience in Digital Devices at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Bespoke Jet™ not only provides the power and performance needed to keep your floor clean. Its beautiful design can fit perfectly in any room in your home,” adds Yang.

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