The phone’s SIM card is directly integrated into the processor

As amazing as it may sound, the SIM has been around for three decades. The first SIM card was manufactured in 1991 in Munich, Germany, and it has undergone many changes since then. Recently, so-called eSIM cards have become more and more popular.

The built-in SIM or eSIM has only become popular in recent years, as it is necessary to operate some expensive smartwatches, with which we can also call and write messages without the need for a smartphone. However, it is also useful in smartphones, as it allows us to arrange subscriptions and change operators in a few minutes from a distance.

Recently, however, there is more and more talk about the so-called iSIM phone card. This was done in cooperation between Qualcomm, Vodafone, Samsung and Thales. In this case, the phone’s SIM card is not physically embedded in the phone and is not included in the form of an eSIM, but is directly embedded in the mobile processor. The first smartphone with a new iSIM card is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, housed in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile processor. Of course, Vodafone plays an important role in all this.

The benefits of using an iSIM are many. Among the most obvious, however, is undoubtedly the production of less complex mobile phones, which can be smaller as a result. Therefore, we are convinced that for modern phone cards, smartphones from other manufacturers will be available soon.

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