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Seize opportunities in the digital world. Avoid this fatal mistake that costs the most millionaire’s life. Could the crisis and falling stock prices (and cryptocurrency) create an opportunity for ordinary people in 2022? We’ve put together a webinar for you, led by Martin Koroshik, author of the bestselling book The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People.

1 Million Euros of Extra Earnings for You

You can make a million more with your investments with information from the webinar The art of investing in stocks and funds. The regular price for a webinar is 47 euros. Under an exclusive agreement, the webinar is free for computer news readers.

Participation is highly recommended also for those who are already investing in mutual funds because you will learn a lot of surprising information. You may not like them, but at least you will find out.

Exclusive free seminar for our readers. Register on time here.

The 2022 crisis is a lifelong opportunity to achieve high gains?

In 2021 and even earlier, in 2020, they are Involved experienced significant growth. The share price of the well-known company Tesla grew 10 times in 2021. But in comparison with the most successful stocks, this is a little more. Some managed to jump 3.691% (BitDigital)! How do you get these returns? Of course yes buy stock In Slovenia, it cannot achieve such growth.

The word in 2022 is and will be so inflation. Last year, politicians said it was “transitional.” It’s now officially at 7% in the US and is the highest in the last 40 years! In Slovenia, the official inflation rate is 5.1%!

But actual personal inflation in bill payments, heating, electricity and food in Slovenia is estimated at 15% per year. This inflation could be within five years Delete – 50% of the purchasing power of your savings. With a saving of 10,000 euros, you can only buy 5,000 euros!

That is why investing has become a necessity even for ordinary people! However Beginners are waiting for a lot of hidden traps, which collects the most revenue through various costs and commissions.

High inflation, higher interest rates on the US Federal Reserve, and a declining money supply have been, and likely will be Big drop in stock prices and cryptocurrencies. Some stocks also fell by -60%. Higher declines are expected. During the life of an ordinary person, this opportunity for cheap purchase appears only several times. The most recent one was in 2009. The crisis and fall in stock prices (and cryptocurrencies) in 2022 will be for these people. who will know What, how and where to buy stocks, Opportunity of a lifetime to make huge profits.

Example: The point price of the S&P 500 fund, which invests in the 500 largest companies on the American stock exchange, was $1,557 in 2007. In the 2009 crisis, it fell to $735. Then it has grown steadily for 11 years, to $3,329 by 2020. So roughly + 450% return in 11 years. But only for those who know how to buy a good time.

Individual stocks of large corporations grew even higher during this time. Apple stock went from just over $3 in 2009 to $124 in 2020. That’s a whopping 4,000% return.

Buy cheap, sell dear.

He who does not understand this does not understand anything.

We are now coming to a time when we can buy stock do it cheap. This is the positive side of the crisis if we understand it, of course We know how to use it at the right time. It is necessary to know where, when and above all how? Unfortunately, with the current financial products in Slovenia, most of them will not be able to achieve such returns.

In the webinar you will learn the art of investing in live posts:

• The method can even for beginners Seize the opportunity of a lifetime For profits in 2022!

• will stock pricesFunds (and cryptocurrencies) rose or fell And on what does it depend?

• How do you know Right moment cheap price buy stockFunds and cryptocurrencies?

• what to do Do you earn from your savings?

Where do you invest the money? In 2022?

Handle 6 errors, which when buying stocks mostly Made by ordinary people.

• What new industries and technologies are therefore likely to be tested by stocks? 1000x grow?

• What are the best options for buying stocks, Too low cost?

hidden reasons Which makes most people invest in stocks and money Lose most of your return?

• How does an ordinary couple lose more than Million (This happens to thousands of people without them noticing)?

no money ought to 50 times less commission As mutual funds?

• Why are they Banned by the United States EU citizens to invest in US money (early 2018)?

mathematical calculations, who shows you real losses When you invest money (and your assets are cut).

• the reasons You should never believe the charts Drawn by investment sellers (even for already “realized” returns).

• what Solutions for beginners Available to buy stocks, with digital channels as we do not know in Slovenia?

• Why there may be a crisis in 2022 chance of your life And a ticket to the life of a millionaire?

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Martin Koroshik, author of the bestselling book The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People: “Stocks and buying stocks the right way is what can make most people rich.”

Martin Koroshik, you are the bestselling author of The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People. How is this project? Has the book actually been sold?

The project took a long time to develop. An unexpected acceleration was achieved with the outbreak of the crisis crown sacred Two years. I immediately felt that sooner or later this would end with a major financial and economic crisis. In order not to be outdone, I took a step forward and did what no one probably would have done. Just in the example of the current situation in Slovenia, salaries, taxes, yields, costs, … I have created a guide to personal finance for different ages.

From younger and older adults, parents, teens, students, pre-retirement people, and of course, grandparents. I entered my first 1,000 books in just over a month. I was very pleasantly surprised when individual customers ordered more copies, as gifts for their children, brothers, sisters and friends. A large number of people have written to me that this book is a must-read for everyone from high school onwards.

Stocks, buying stocks, how to buy stocks – all this is part of the Art of Wealth project for ordinary people.

naturally. Because with stocks, everything looks so clear. Contact an investment agent. You start investing for example in a mutual fund. You pay monthly bills, or the amounts are deducted from your standing account. At first, they show you the potential revenue graph. And now you are waiting. And wait and wait. But the truth is that most of the proceeds will go to the fund, not you. Of course, no one tells you this and explains why this happens.

Thus, ordinary people lose about 400 thousand euros for a hundred euros per month at the age of 40% and a historical average return of 10%.

With a monthly investment of 250 euros, we are already losing 1 million euros. Then there are other hidden costs and tricks that get people to invest and invest, and the advantages are not non-zero.

Hundreds of thousands of people are already investing in such financial products. Where is their money?

But what are the solutions if the system itself is already set up like this? Are they even possible?

Of course they are. However, not in Slovenia. This is not possible with these financial products in our country. On the other hand, some of the best financial products in the US are out of reach. This was ensured by a policy that legally prohibited EU citizens from investing in US funds with very high returns and very low commissions. I will of course explain the details in detail in the webinar. But without the line: with just this information, you can make an extra million with your investment.

So is it worth at least investing your time if the webinar is really free?

People work an average of 8 hours a day, 168 hours a month and over 2000 hours a year for our money. To figure out how money makes money, we often don’t take an hour all year round. why? This is no accident. Convince us that we don’t know that. We are just “good” to make our money. Then we put it in the hands of the people who would “better take care” of our money. But it ends as described. We get the returns crumbs, and the system gets our millionth.

Do you think anyone can become a millionaire?

I can confirm this with a number of accounts based on the situation in Slovenia, which I also published in the book. I have even provided examples of investing up to minimum and average wages. The height of the accessory is not so important. It is important to know when, what and how to invest. All we now leave for others to pick up the cream. However, this is more evident in crises. Therefore, after every crisis, the rich are richer and some are (even) poorer.

Do you think that the super-rich cause crises?

The super-rich are always the right time in the right place. There really is no crisis for them.

They make profits while growing. In times of crisis, they buy cheap. And again, expensive sales at a time of growth. The mission of the book and the complete education about the Art of Wealth project is to provide this knowledge to ordinary people. Because work alone does not separate us. We can live from month to month, but the more that fail the more. In addition to work, we also need to know how to make money for money. And when we clear out all the clutter, it also makes sense and easy. Just like driving a car. The key is in the knowledge. With knowledge, you can unlock your fortune.

Is falling stock prices (and cryptocurrency) the only opportunity and reason to invest?

This is one side of the coin. The other side is change. During this crisis, a large number of existing companies, business models, and even banks will disappear. The Bundesbank even predicts a “tsunami of bank and corporate bankruptcies” in 2023.

McKinsey, one of the world’s leading analytical agencies, predicts that by 2026, up to 75% of the world’s 500 largest companies will disappear from the list. This has not happened in such a short time.

The lockdown has changed people’s habits and the functioning of society as a whole. New technologies, platforms and business models come to the fore. Digitization, automation and artificial intelligence. The real economy is tokenized based on the blockchain. It is estimated that $30 trillion will be pumped into these new industries. It is the largest redistribution of wealth in history. 30 thousand billion dollars. Investing in such companies at the beginning of a trend is like investing in Apple, Tesla or Facebook at the beginning of their rise. And in times of crisis, it is possible to make such a purchase of shares at a discount. Of course the right way so you don’t run out of most returns. Even if the economic crisis continues for a longer period, we can conclude from history that financial markets will recover quickly.

We are now more interested in what we will learn in the webinar. Thank you for the conversation and see you online, live.

Than you for your invitation. Many people will be surprised by the content and reveal some bugs to him/her. But it is better to find out the truth sooner rather than later. People often say: If I had known, I would have done it. You will know after the webinar. You can do yourself a favor. Submit on time.

* The content of the article is not the subject of financial advice. Mention of individual investment instruments, cryptocurrencies, stocks, funds and precious metals may be included solely for the purpose of describing the idea or educational purposes. Martin Korošec does not recommend individual financial instruments and is not a financial advisor, stockbroker or registered investment advisor. All readers are advised to consult with a licensed advisor before making investment decisions.

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