Studying computer science opens the door

Today, computer experts of all profiles are among the most sought-after employees of all organizations. At UL FRI, students are empowered to network with companies during their studies.

For many years, students, when deciding on a career and enrolling in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences (FRI) of the University of Ljubljana, know that they will not have problems finding a job. Today this is more true. Business processes are becoming more and more digital, new professions related to artificial intelligence, smart cities and factories of the future are emerging, more and more smart devices, programmers and developers for all profiles are required.

Thus, the central question is not how employable computer science graduates will be, but what an individual should focus on.

How to choose the right field of study

Most students enroll in UL FRI Central Study Program in Computer Science and Informatics; The university offers 170 full-time places, while the top professional offers 165 full-time and 16 part-time places. Students gain knowledge in all core areas, such as programming, algorithms, computer engineering and information systems, and within the elective modules in which they specialize in the higher years in areas or a combination of areas. In this way, everyone creates a profession of their choice: artificial intelligence, game technology, software, media technology, computer systems and networks, etc.

Those who wish to combine knowledge from various disciplines can choose interdisciplinary programmes. Computer Science and Mathematics Study Program (40 registration places) linking theoretical foundations of computer science with in-depth knowledge of mathematics, Multimedia Studies (45 places to enter) that combines knowledge of electrical engineering, computer science, design and entrepreneurship, Study Management Informatics (25 registration places) Links IT knowledge with more managerial, economic and organizational skills in the field of social sciences.

Connecting students to companies

Due to the high demand for computer personnel in the labor market, students have many opportunities to try out what works for them during their studies. In addition to occasional work through student referrals, UL FRI students have other mechanisms for networking with companies.

As part of the study program can be in companies Conducting mandatory or optional training for several weeks, when writing the final tasks, they can choose one of the announced tasks Industrial graduate or master’s thesis Thus, in addition to the academic mentor, they also receive an assistant mentor from the company. Students have the opportunity to participate in various hackathons, summer schools and business challenges in the course of FRI . Garage Technology Accelerator College Students However, they can also develop their own technological and business ideas.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of early communication with students, providing an advantage in getting the best employees, so UL FRI . has offered The possibility of companies collaborating with the college inside Partner Packages. In addition to increasing promotion and exposure in the College, partner companies have the opportunity to participate in content-related topics, suggest their mentors and industry topics, and collaborate with research laboratories.

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