The Esports Federation of Slovenia has become a member of the European Esports Federation

The E-Sports Association of Slovenia has become a full member of the European Esports Association, which has 41 national e-sports federations under its auspices.

The European Esports Federation was founded in February 2020, before the pandemic that has shaped the past two years. However, it has managed to grow into the largest continental esports federation, which also has an impact on global esports events.

The European Esports Federation promotes European athletes and organizations in European politics, media, sports and society, with the ultimate goal of placing esports alongside already existing traditional sports.

This is a huge step forward in the development and recognition of Slovenian esports on the European and world stage. With the help of the umbrella organization, which unites 41 national federations under its aegis, not only will Slovenian e-sportsmen be able to participate in international competitions more easily, but the Slovenian voice will also gain its validity at the European level.

We believe our esports will embark on the already well-established path of established Asian esports giants, which attract tens of thousands of sports fans to their competitions.

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