The first steps in the world of information technology for more than 20 young people

Since the beginning of November, more than 20 young IT talents have joined Endava’s global and multidisciplinary teams in Slovenia.

According to young talents in the field of IT, with the help and support of experienced mentors, they gained invaluable knowledge, which some are already using in real projects after only a few weeks.

Maja BrajkovicEndava Slovenia Business Unit Manager

The approach of building top teams capable of providing excellent solutions to clients and thus increasing market demand, allows Endava to develop young people and invest in their knowledge. This is one of their most important commitments to the local environment in all the locations in which they are located. “Once again this year, we will open the doors of Endava to fresh graduates and other IT enthusiasts, provide them with guidance and continue to invest in the development of new IT professionals. To their knowledge, they contribute very quickly to concrete projects and have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies in practice” , he says. Maja Brajkovic, Director of the Business Unit Endava Slovenia.

Aline LednikBeginner’s test

The potential of the “small” Endava program was also hinted at by the early participants of the program, who unanimously emphasized the key role of Endava mentors, committed to sharing their knowledge. »This program has given me very valuable knowledge that I am now using in the project I am working on. I advise prospective students to jump into the world of IT as I did!excitedly explains Aline Lednik, a junior tester who joined Endavi in ​​early November.

Anna Zubancic, Junior Testerka

However, it has proven that this software is for all IT enthusiasts, regardless of previous knowledge and experience Anna Zubancic, who is also a junior tester, after more than 15 years in management, searched for new challenges and also found them: »The program is great! Follow the missions in order, get a mentor, and be part of a community you can count on. After a few months…working on the right projects. It feels really good!«

own curriculum as part of the testing system

In addition to Alen and Ana, more than 10 new testers will join the Endava Test specialty. Head of test department Alice ManfridaSet up a targeted learning program environment for all program participants. »Everyone can join the “Beginners” program as part of the exam system, without the necessary prior knowledge. We enable them to learn the tools of communication in the world of business and operations management, and teach them to prepare documents for their cases and all this as preparation for automated testing,Manfred explains.

Excellent response from mentors and projects promises more opportunities for young and passionate IT careers

Among the mentors and those who have worked on the most demanding projects at Endava for many years, there are quite a few who joined the company as students. He is also among them Nicek Jakic, Head of Development, which highlights, as one of Endava’s biggest advantages, significant involvement in the international environment and maturity, making Endava the marketplace as a trusted partner, and employees having access to projects with a very wide range of areas and technologies. »I also joined the company as a student and am excited to be able to help young people who are now on the same path. It is essential that learning takes place through concrete projects and not through courses. The first group of ‘rookies’ in development were getting along great and that’s why I’m looking forward to future generations‘ Jackish concludes.

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