The new Philips 243S1 desktop monitors combine convenience and connectivity to improve productivity

Regardless of the type of office, the ideal monitor should offer the user durability, comfort and practicality.

new screens Philips 243S1 It is designed to tackle the barriers of daily operations and is equipped with all the right features that combine a comfortable user experience, good image quality, performance and durability. The 24-inch (23.8″/60.5 cm diagonal) IPS panel features Full HD, USB-C connectivity among many other devices, and a built-in docking station where every task can be accomplished smoothly and with full functionality.

Versatile communication in the simplest way

The wide range of plugs and connectors is no longer just for professionals, but has become a standard for anyone who needs more connectivity during everyday life. z USB-C Docking StationPhilips 243S1 charges, transports and connects your notebook at the same time. A slim, reversible USB-C port makes it easy to connect to a single cable that transfers data at exceptional speeds while your laptop is powered on and charging (up to 65W) directly from the screen. USB-C also enables easy daisy-chain connection for multiple monitor settings. A clean workspace makes it easy to manage the capabilities and solutions that USB-C offers.

In addition to this new standard, the Philips 243S1 also has built-in RJ-45 Ethernet for strong data security, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 and 4x USB-A for easy connection of all external devices and accessories.

Pay attention to the long working hours

The new model is designed with the welfare of users in mind, and is equipped with a base SmartErgo, which allows for ergonomic adjustments, allowing users to position optimally according to their needs and satisfaction. Users can easily tilt (+25 / -5 degrees), swivel (+180 / -180 degrees) and adjust height (up to 130mm) to the ideal viewing position. This extreme comfort, combined with an ergonomic design and some good habits of shorter screen breaks, can relieve the physical stress of a long work day. In addition, the correct posture also increases productivity and helps users to focus more on their work.

pleasing to the eye

Hours spent in front of a screen can cause eyestrain, burning, dry and red eyes — some of the main symptoms of so-called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Philips 243S1 monitors meet standards to effectively reduce eye fatigue and ensure user well-being Eye comfort from TÜV RheinlandTo prevent this natural pressure on the eye without distracting reflexes. They also provide wide viewing angles, thus avoiding a drop in image quality when viewed from different angles. A comfortable viewing experience is also made possible by technology no flickerAnd A way to reduce blue light And the way Easy Red, which offers a paper-like reading experience. The combination of these innovations ensures stable, eye-friendly productivity even during long working hours.

The Philips 243S1 is available from January 2022 at a suggested retail price of €329.

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