Why choose a laser projector rather than a classic one with a flashlight?

Projectors are great for watching movies, leading a meeting in business meeting rooms, or lecturing in school classrooms.

It is capable of creating a larger image than TVs, and adjusting the image size and quality is quick and easy. Additionally, projectors usually boast a lower price per inch of diagonal than TVs. Since they reflect light, viewing content on a projector is less attractive. At the same time, projectors are still compact, which means they can be moved from room to room, but most users still put them in a fixed place. There are two types of projectors: classic incandescent projectors and laser projectors.

LCD and DLP projectors use a high-pressure mercury vapor lamp, simply called a lamp. The projector uses an electric current to illuminate the mercury vapors, and the lamp emits a very strong light. This light is directed at the LCD monitor or DLP panel to create the final image. Because this process is so complex, the bulbs that need to be replaced every few thousand hours (depending on the model) are expensive and represent the biggest cost to projector users.

Laser projectors use lasers to generate light. This method has several advantages that make laser projectors an increasingly popular choice in the business world. Advantages: lower maintenance costs (without light bulb), higher energy efficiency, larger laser light range and better image quality.

Which one do you choose?

The Panasonic PT-MZ880 Laser Projector…

… more than 8000 lumens of light (7000 and 6000 lumens of light models also available) in a low-maintenance laser design. With three chipset LCD screens and a powerful phosphor laser light engine, the Panasonic PT-MZ880 achieves an enviable combination of brightness and sharp images. In the background are an array of blue diode lasers, an inorganic phosphor wheel, and a pair of dichromatic mirrors. The luminous flux is divided into independent beams of red, blue and green light transmitted through three 0.76-inch LCD panels. The end result is WUXGA image quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, which Panasonic says has a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1. The lifespan of the lighting components is estimated to be 20,000 hours, which equates to 8 hours of use over 12 years. per year (200 working days per year).

The laser projector is equipped with a 1.61 – 2.76:1 zoom lens and supports a selection of optional fixed and zoom lenses to suit your desired projector location. Optional lenses include the new ET-ELU20 zero-aperture zoom lens, making this series of projectors great not only for education and business use, but also in cultural institutions such as museums.

There is also a special multi-laser drive system, which ensures the operation of the laser projector, even if one of the diode lasers fails. Instead of turning off the entire laser assembly, only the defective diode is turned off. However, laser projectors do not require regular replacement of expensive light bulbs, thus reducing maintenance costs. Panasonic laser projector reduces the cost of reusable dust filter. Simply wash the filter with water, dry it and put it back into the projector.

The Panasonic PT-MZ880 Laser Projector can withstand daylight. Curtains can be kept high, as Daylight View automatically optimizes midtones and adjusts brightness according to room conditions. The projector has a few digital image-enhancement tricks up its sleeve, such as the Detail Clarity Processor 4, which analyzes individual video frames and improves the sharpness and detail of the luminous flux.

On the rear of the projector you’ll find a hub that includes three HDMI inputs that are HDCP 2.3 compliant and the ability to process images at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second via the HDMI inputs or the digital terminal.

For many users, it is important that projector noise does not overshadow the presentation, conversation, or generally distract from the displayed content. The PT-MZ880 series includes a quiet mode, which reduces operating noise to only 28 dB.

More about the Panasonic PT-MZ880 laser projector at www.vibor.si.

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