Why Logitech Webcams Are Better Than Inline, Best Webcams, HD Webcams, Logitech C922, C920, C920s, C505

Unfortunately, this is a flaw in all webcams we find on laptops today. While other devices are improving rapidly, webcams are becoming somewhat stagnant.

strange isn’t it? The value of the laptop does not seem to matter. You can buy a powerful workstation for thousands of euros or a basic laptop for a few hundred euros. They both come with a similar 720p camera that doesn’t belong in 2022. Not only is the picture quality desperate, the built-in microphone doesn’t filter sound well, producing echoes and generally sounding like you’re being submerged. But no one wants that, especially if you’re in the middle of an important lecture, meeting, or important game in a gaming tournament. Good webcams on laptops can be completely ignored. Cover it with a slip so hackers can’t see you and plug in one of Logitech’s professional HD webcams.

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