Do you already know how much will be charged for the new Galaxy S22 phones in Europe?

We recently reported that Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S22 family of smartphones to the public on February 8 this year. Newcomers will be introduced at a special conference called “Unpacked”. Without a doubt, it will be a very powerful smartphone, which will be on top of the desires of the most demanding users of mobile services.

As we are already used to, Samsung is expected to offer three new models for sale, namely Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The design itself will be very similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, with the bezels around the screen being virtually invisible. The charging speed of the built-in battery should remain limited to 25 watts. High-quality image sensors with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels are likely to be available to capture high-quality images. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will of course have digital stylus support, which of course will simplify many tasks.

As expected, the Galaxy S22 family of phones won’t be cheap. This is especially true for the European market. The entry-level model of the Galaxy S22 with eight GB of system memory and 128 GB of storage will cost 849 euros. For the most powerful model Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12 GB of system memory and 512 GB of storage space 1449 euros.

Galaxy S22 estimated retail prices in Europe

  • Galaxy S22 (8 GB / 128 GB) → 849 euros
  • Galaxy S22 (12 GB / 256 GB) → 899 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Plus (8 GB / 128 GB) → 1,049 €
  • Galaxy S22 Plus (12 GB / 256 GB) → 1099 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (8 GB / 128 GB) → 1,249 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (12 GB / 256 GB) → 1,349 euros
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (12 GB / 512 GB) → 1,449 euros

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