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YUNO is an online elementary school, where users can download the complete general syllabus of elementary school subjects – every class, every subject, every lesson.

Knowledge, meaningful, with passion and innovative methods, is taught by YUNO lamas (Lama: teacher or mentor) who have been teaching in public elementary schools for many years.

You learn every subject in eleven minutes

The educational materials are delivered in a simple, fast and understandable manner. Each YUNO tutorial consists of Video Explanations with animations that are never more than eleven minutesCarefully prepared, printable educational materials. Children’s video explanation material is enhanced with supplements note, Rescue surprise and check solution.

An educational tool for everyone

YUNO HELP Children, parents and teachers.

When he helps children Missing at schoolat the explanations They don’t understand, when the subjects in the classroom are very slow and sluggish they want more … enables completely independent learning, where the user chooses the tutorials he wants to tackle. YUNO is carefully designed to suit the learning and needs of each individual, including those with special needs or difficulties dyslexia

fathers completely Exemption School care – easy to access, transparent and managed. By gaining insight into the child’s learning progress, parents have the opportunity to influence the learning process by suggesting learning lessons. for the child can be constantly help It encourages her on the path of knowledge and the best grades.

Knowledge in your pocket

In the end, it is enough to know what learning source you need to learn from. No more blank notebooks, opaque textbooks, and searching for knowledge. YUNO is available anywhere and anytime – on the go, at home, on vacation – on your phone, tablet or computer. For the price of two hours of one-on-one tutoring, the recorded multiplication of all subjects within the selected elementary school class is available to users, with special Discounts For large families.

YUNO is your learning companion on the path to primary education.

More about YUNO Primary School Online at www.yuno.si

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