FOP protests: More than 20 people were injured in clashes near the Verkhovna Rada, the police opened criminal cases

Eighteen policemen and three protesters were injured in clashes near the Verkhovna Rada during a rally. Law enforcement officers opened two criminal cases.

This was reported by the National Police.

The police say that the clashes between the demonstrators and the police were due to “Active participants in the work acted aggressively, tried to break through the border of police officers into the protected area of ​​the Verkhovna Rada and pushed».

Police say the protesters did not respond to their demands to stop their actions, so the police turned them away. In total, according to law enforcement officers, 18 policemen and 3 participants in the event were injured of varying severity.

SaveFOP claims that law enforcement officers detained around 100 protesters and did not allow lawyers to visit them.

In addition, the organization published information that one of the participants in the procedure “She may have been killed and taken by the police in an unknown direction». Police say the information about the protester’s death is incorrect. The man who fell ill received first aid from the police.

The demonstrators who resisted the police were taken to the Pechersk Police Department. The police opened criminal proceedings under Articles F of the Criminal Code. Investigation procedures are underway.

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We will recall, on January 25 more than a thousand people went to meet individuals in Kiev and demanded from the authority to simplify the tax system.

In Constitution Square, protesters occasionally set off fireworks and smoke bombs and attempted to storm the entrance to Parliament. The central exit from the Majlis building remained closed for more than half an hour.

Kiev police stated that administrative reports had been prepared against two protesters for violating law and order.

What do FOPs require?

SaveFOP protests have been going on since the end of November 2020. Demonstrators are demanding the 5,866 yen bill, which proposes new rules for small businesses. In particular, it provides for the exemption of entrepreneurs from the mandatory entry of cash registers when selling certain goods and the simplification of the tax system.

In addition, the protesters are against the MPs’ proposal to ban the registration of employees as separate owners – this would prevent the tax evasion scheme. This idea was proposed by the Chairman of the Committee on Fiscal Policy, Taxes and Customs Danilo Gutmantsev.

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