If the rumors are to be believed, the fall of 2022 will be the biggest in Apple’s history

It is very clear now that 2022 will be very special for Apple. There are many new features, updates, and surprises that will surely impress all Apple users.

Apple will introduce a large number of new products in 2022, and many of the lines are expected to include updated devices.

In recent years, it has been a tradition for Apple that the company unveils most new products in the fall. For 2022, it looks like the update could be Apple’s biggest update in recent times.

Above all, Apple is expected to launch its regular launch of the new iPhone, the “iPhone 14” for 2022, and unveil other innovations. According to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple will show more than usual.

Gourmet is said to have information that Apple is keeping some predictions specifically for the fall season. This includes the new low-cost MacBook Pro, the updated iMac, the alleged Mac Pro, the updated MacBook Air, the upgraded AirPods Pro headphones, the Apple Watch trio, and the iPad and iPad Pro.

Given the scope of the above, Apple could host several events, such as something similar to the Fall 2020 Presentation Trilogy.

The report also introduces the possibility of the iPad and iPad Pro becoming available soon, with “major changes” this year expected to encourage Apple to delay iPad updates until late spring.

Gourmet anticipates the unveiling of the iPhone SE 3, an updated iPad Air, and a possible launch of a high-end Mac at its spring event. “I think Apple will want to install the M1 Pro chip in a new Mac in the first half of this year‘ says Gourmet.

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