Intel warns against winding processors without “K”

At the end of last year, Intel officially began selling the long-awaited processors based on Alder Lake processor cores. Currently, there are quite a few models of Intel Alder Lake processors available to customers, namely Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. Of particular interest is the Core i5-12400 model. This can go up to 5.2GHz in conjunction with some Asus Z690 motherboards.

Easy twisting of the Intel Core i5-12400 processor allows for the “BCLK” option or functionality, which can be found alongside Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex motherboards. This actually allows termination of Intel processors, although there is a locked frequency multiplier. In practice, this means that we can easily speed up the operation of the processor that is available at a relatively affordable retail price.

At Intel, however, it is highly not recommended to filter their processors without the “K” mark, such as the aforementioned Core i5-12400 processor. These processors are not designed to increase the frequency of data conversion, and they can quickly get corrupted. In addition to the processor, other computer components may be damaged. This is also the reason why Intel does not give you a warranty in the event of a processor failure. This means that terminating Intel processors without a “K” is not safe, and you will have to bear the consequences if something goes wrong.

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