Janja Garnbret, Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič constantly prove to be role models outside the sports field.

Janja Garnbret, Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar, Olympic medal winners at the Summer Games in Tokyo, in collaboration with Telekom Slovenije, selected three foundations to which Telekom Slovenije donated a total of €15,000, each of €5,000. The three athletes will, of course, shake hands with our players as well, who will compete in the Winter Olympics, which will begin in Beijing on February 4.

“At Telekom Slovenije, we share common values ​​with the best athletes. On the one hand, we struggle and want to be the best every day, but at the same time we are a responsible member of the community and do not forget those we can help with our resources or our other resources to develop and overcome obstacles. I am proud That we, along with Ganga, Tadig and Primo, have supported the stories that open the opportunity for a better future and develop talent,” confirm this Tomaž Jontes, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telekom SlovenijeHe is one of the biggest fans of Slovenian athletes.

Ganga Garnpreet: €5,000 for a two-year-old

Two-year-old Urban is battling a rare genetic disease that prevents him from walking or talking. He is helped by a property being developed in Australia, and Urban’s parents have to raise 2 million euros for it. Donations are collected by Palčica Pomagalčica and the Dwarves Charitable Association, while Telekom Slovenije and Janja Garnbret donated €5,000 to Urban. “Urban’s story touched me deeply. It’s not fair that some have gone through such great and difficult trials. I hope Urban can spend time with his peers, play with them, hunt, go to school, be naughty and have fun. Therefore, I do my best to help raise money just because Receiving a medication that can help him and other children with the same syndrome. And so, thanks to Telekom Slovenije for allocating an additional 5,000 euros to Urban. Every euro on the path to a happy childhood counts. These are Urban’s steps,” The Olympic climbing champion from Tokyo and the best climber in the world said, Ganga Garnpreet. Palčica Pomagalčica also collects donations for Urban via URBAN5 SMS sent to 1919.

Tadej Pogačar: €5,000 for the development of young cyclists from Team Pogi

Tadej Pogačar founded Team Pogi within the Rog Cycling Association, where he has been training since he was nine years old. Team Pogi brings together promising young cyclists (kids and young adults) who want to succeed Tadej Poggar and Primo Roglic in the list of the best cyclists in the world. Telekom Slovenije donated €5,000 to develop the Pogi team’s children and youth facility. »Slovenes are a phenomenon in the cycling world, and more and more young people are taking part in cycling. Let’s give them the conditions and give them a chance to reach the top. This path of course requires a lot of sacrifices, hard work and some luck as well, but it is possible to achieve and overcome everything. So, thanks to Telekom Slovenije for helping me and helping us on this path,“The road race bronze medalist from the Tokyo Olympics, the two-time winner of the race in France and currently the best cyclist in the world says,” says the road race bronze medalist from the Tokyo Olympics. Tadig Pojar.

Primo Roglič: €5,000 for the Primož Roglič . Foundation

In 2021, Primož Roglič created the Primož Roglič Foundation, to which Telekom Slovenije donated €5,000. “The foundation was set up with the aim of promoting the development of cycling and helping underage athletes from underserved social backgrounds. Everyone deserves a chance, we will help, encourage and educate young people. We may help one of them to become a top athlete and the other to complete school successfully. I want to help as much as I can, so thanks Telekom Slovenije And all who help along the way, It refers to the Olympic Chronometer winner from Tokyo, the three-time winner of the Spanish Grand Prix and currently the third best rider in the world, Primo Roglic.

Telekom Slovenije is the traditional partner of the Slovenian Olympic Committee. It will also support Olympic athletes at this year’s Winter Olympics, while biology athlete Yakov Vak, alpine skiers Ilka Stohek, Mita Hruvat and Shaan Kranic and snowboarder Shaan Kocher will also participate in his Olympic campaign. Ilka and Chan will also be carrying the Slovenian flag at the opening of the Olympic Games.

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