NATO and the United States have no plans to send troops to Ukraine

This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with CNN and a White House spokeswoman Jin Psaki Briefly on January 25th.

Stoltenberg emphasized that NATO supports Ukraine in its right to self-defense, but will not deploy NATO forces on Ukrainian soil.

«But we must make sure that there is no misunderstanding about our willingness and commitment to protect all allies, especially in the eastern part of the alliance.He said.

The day before, a number of NATO members had announced the deployment of troops to Eastern Europe. For example, Denmark sent a frigate to the Baltic Sea and four F-16 fighters to Lithuania, the Netherlands sent two F-35 fighters to Bulgaria, France has indicated its willingness to send troops to Romania, and the United States is considering increasing its military presence in the east.

About 8,500 US troops are on high alert and ready to support the NATO Response Force and other emergencies, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on January 24.

Jen Psaki emphasized that the United States would act as part of the NATO force and that the decision on sending 8,500 troops would be taken in coordination with Allied partners.

«Just to be clear: the president has no intentions, no interest, no desire to send troops to Ukraine. NATO was formed to support our partners and countries on the eastern side» She said dog.

An attack by the Russian Federation is possible

According to the New York Times, about 100,000 Russian soldiers remain near Ukraine’s borders. In particular, Russia collects military aircraft. And in Belarus, military exercises with Russia are scheduled for February, and soldiers have already begun to arrive in the country.

Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia is preparing for a possible attack on eastern and southern Ukraine in January-February 2022. US spies believe (according to a possible scenario shared by Bloomberg) that the attack on Ukraine could come from three directions: from occupied Crimea, Belarus and the Russian border .

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