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A few days ago, we discussed in the editorial office the first wave of news, mostly from the Russian media, about the launch of the Tesla Phone smartphone. About the way we discuss it almost every year, when the network begins to weave more and more fakes around the amazing smartphone from Ilona Mask. That is, they laughed and forgot. Perhaps also this time, it will be possible to do without a refutation if the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov does not publish information about the Tesla smartphone in his telegram channel with an audience of 68 thousand subscribers. Just before this post was published, the entry in the channel was deleted, which is something I can only welcome.

However, I urge the Ministry of Finance to be more critical of such information. Because no leading global media writes at least a little about technology and gadgets and has published news about the Tesla smartphone. In his post, Mr. Fedorov shared a post on the DIFE Telegram channel, which he said was previously used by the Ministry of Culture to “develop the horizon of thinking of our team” and is now available to the public. In turn, DIFE took information from the Afghan English-speaking media The Khaama Press, which, however, is based in Canada.

“The Tesla Pi smartphone will work on Mars using Starlink,” the author of the news wrote, which was developed by Elon Musk himself. Seems very reasonable, doesn’t it? Of course, the author does not cite any source, but simply writes that the type awaits this year’s Tesla phone. Well, we can wait, but it won’t be like last year and the year before.

Why don’t we see a Tesla smartphone this year or in the near future? There are several obvious reasons, but if we are talking about them, then they should be expressed. First, Elon Musk simply looks at smartphones Yesterday’s TechnologySo he founded Neuralink and invested in developing brain implants.

No, Tesla will not release the Tesla Phone

Second, the smartphone market is one of the most competitive, as it is difficult to keep even large companies like LG, which has a large number of patents. Not to mention the more dramatic examples of Nokia and BlackBerry.

Third, we have repeatedly written that the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of chips, which is negatively affecting the largest manufacturers, including Apple, who have had to cut production because buyers are not ready to wait for weeks of new iPhones. Therefore, Tesla, which is also in short supply, will definitely not enter the smartphone market now, because even if you wanted to, you would not have access to the best components.

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