“Obvious contempt”: Foreign Ministry summons the Croatian ambassador after President Milanovic’s statements

This was stated in the letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry said it was deeply disappointed by Milanovich’s statements about Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the inappropriateness of helping Ukraine against the backdrop of Russian aggression:It has been emphasized that this is particularly contrary to universal values, given the bitter experience of the Croatian people’s war».

In addition, the Foreign Ministry said that Milanovich’s statement about the Revolution of Dignity, which he called a coup, offends the memory of Ukrainians and foreigners who gave their lives for the future of Europe in Ukraine.

«The Croatian president showed his contempt and ingratitude for the help Ukraine and Ukrainians provided to Croatia during its struggle for independence and in fighting last year’s devastating fires. But we are convinced that this ingratitude is his personal quality and does not extend to the Croatian people, with whom we have friendship and mutual respect.ㅡ said in a statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserts that Milanovic is relaying Russian propaganda narratives that harm bilateral relations, as well as undermine the unity of the European Union and NATO in the current security threats in Europe.

Ukraine demands that Milanovich’s statements be publicly refuted and not be repeated in the future. The Ambassador of Ukraine will also conduct a similar procedure in Zagreb.

And what did Milanovic say?

Zoran Milanovic said that in the event of a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Croatia would not be affected and the country would withdraw from the region.last croatian soldier».

In addition, according to the President of Croatia, Ukraine has no place in NATO. He said that Ukraine remained the most corrupt country, and Milanovich described the events of the Dignity Revolution as an “undemocratic movement” and a “coup”.

We will recall, earlier, the German Navy Commander Kay Achim Schenbach expressed his opinion regarding the events in Ukraine: he declared that “Crimea is lost and will never come back”. According to him, Ukraine is currently unable to meet the requirements to join NATO, as part of it is occupied. Also, according to Shenbach, Putin’s goal is not to do this “Getting a small strip of Ukrainian land”, dividing the European Union and earning respect, What he asks for, and perhaps he deserves..

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry described Schenbach’s comments as “categorically unacceptable”. The agency demanded a public rebuttal from the German government.

The German Defense Ministry later reported that Commander Schenbach’s statement “Does not conform in any way to the position of the Federal Ministry of Defense”. And the army resigned.

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