Quarantine restrictions have been tightened in the Lviv region. All schools are advised to go further

In the Lviv region, quarantine restrictions have been tightened due to increased morbidity and hospitalization rates with COVID-19. All educational institutions are advised to switch to distance learning.

This was stated in the Lviv Regional State Administration.

On January 26, the following were banned in the Lviv region:

  • to receive visitors in recreational establishments;
  • to visit educational institutions for everyone, except for students of private institutions and institutions of vocational education (the latter is recommended to be a mixed form of education);
  • Hospitalization of patients in state and municipal medical institutions (in addition to providing assistance to pregnant women, mothers, newborns, patients with cancer, lung diseases, urgent and life-threatening cases).

Do not go out in public without respirators or face masks. Public transport must carry passengers with a capacity of more than 50%.

If the situation with COVID-19 worsens in the Lviv region, additional quarantine restrictions may be imposed in the region from February 1.

In particular, it will be prohibited: reception of visitors in bars, cafes and restaurants (except for delivery orders); in entertainment establishments. Work gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools. holding all mass events (except for official sporting events); Market activities other than foodstuffs.

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What do we have with quarantine?

We will mention, according to the indicators of the Ministry of Health, as of January 25 in the “orange” quarantine zone, most regions of Ukraine already: Vinnitsa, Volyn, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia, Lviv, Odessa, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil regions, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi , Chernihiv.

This level of epidemiological risk does not impose additional restrictions, but indicates that the area is approaching the “red” zone.

In addition, on January 24 in the Ivano-Frankivsk region “red” area Agricultural Quarantine. And from January 27 it will be presented in the Rivne region as well.

new wave?

As of December 30, 2021, all regions of Ukraine are “yellow”. However, the coronavirus situation in Ukraine began to deteriorate in January. On January 18 there were 4 districts in the “orange” region, on January 20 – 7, on January 24 – ten, and on January 25 – already 14.

COVID-19 infection rates indicate that an outbreak of a new coronavirus has begun in Ukraine. The epicenter of the earthquake is located in the west of the country. According to expectations, the new wave of the Corona virus will differ from the previous one, especially in the number of cases detected due to the spread of the “Omicron” strain.

The Ministry of Health earlier predicted the outbreak against the backdrop of the Omicron outbreak in late January 2022. Meanwhile, experts from the National Academy of Sciences said on January 12 that a new wave had already begun.

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